Welcome to RavenSword!

RavenSword: a new universe of superheroes, direct from the mind of a Sci-Fi/fantasy geek!

These are characters that I’ve created and drawn, and while they have been inspired by other things, they are my own characters. You will see my world built up from the ground. While some have Marvel or DC (I’m a DC fan, myself), I have RavenSword! I will say that I have been inspired by the old ‘90’s Gargoyles animated TV show, as well as Batman, along with work of artists on the beloved Deviantart and Heromachine. I have 3 media in which I will present my character pictures: Heromachine style, on the Photoshop-like Gimp2, and the old trusty paper and pencil.

If you are new to the blog, start reading here. Otherwise, continue with the latest post on the home page.

I  hold the copyright of all content, unless otherwise stated.


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