Frost, Edge, and Blitzenfuerst

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The Turning Axis became more and more influential throughout the years, and expanded into other governments. Continue reading


Turning Axis, Solar Flare, and the Looney Bin

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In the year 1939, the Axis created a secret organization that would eventually control all other organizations without their knowing, calling it the Turning Axis. However, this required a method by which superheroes could be controlled, or, if need be, taken down. Continue reading

Background Information, CharacterBios

Recap: The Societatis Occulta Scientia is a secret society and government of magicians that has existed for thousands of years. This society governs all magic users on Earth, and is ruled by a council of Magi and a Supreme Archmagus.

One of the first to join the Society of Heroes was a Mage sent by the Societatis Occulta Scientia to act as a representative within the Society, Amethysta Metaxas. Continue reading

Background on the Magical World