War, part one

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In 2013, Det. Jean-Mal Grey began noticing unusual gang activity between New York and Astropolis, especially with the gangs that he had previously learned were associated with the “Legitimates Society”. Continue reading


Frost, Edge, and Blitzenfuerst

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The Turning Axis became more and more influential throughout the years, and expanded into other governments. Continue reading

Background Information, CharacterBios

Recap: The Societatis Occulta Scientia is a secret society and government of magicians that has existed for thousands of years. This society governs all magic users on Earth, and is ruled by a council of Magi and a Supreme Archmagus.

One of the first to join the Society of Heroes was a Mage sent by the Societatis Occulta Scientia to act as a representative within the Society, Amethysta Metaxas. Continue reading

Background on the Magical World


Assassins, Claws, Arrows, and Super men

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Recap: Eion Macbeth is the modern millionaire descendent of the original
Macbeth, based in Astropolis, Texas. He is the owner and founder of the Society of Heroes. The original Macbeth, back in medieval Scotland, took revenge for the murder of his father at the hands of Gillecomgain, and at the command of then-prince Duncan, by killing Duncan and becoming king, though he was later killed by Duncan’s son, Canmore. Chao-Tech is the modern weapons developer that creates illegal weapons for the purpose of controlling superheroes. Continue reading


SOH, Alastair, and Throes of death

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Recap: Ander is the super-strong, lightning-wielding hero who is empowered by a spirit. Kriton is an Atlantean prince. Dr Frost is a scientist dude in an insulated armor-suit, and ice-guns.  Jet has super speed. Pulse controls electricity. Eoin (pronounced “Owen”) Macbeth is the Scottish millionaire descendent of the 15th-century Macbeth. Morrigan LeFae is the unaging witch who dabbles in the destinies of heroes and villains alike, even through medieval times. Continue reading