War, part three

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RECAP: the Turning Axis broke all the supervillains out of Haakon Penitentiary, and brought them to Astropolis, where they attacked the Society of Heroes. the Superhuman Containment officers became Metahuman Control Units, employed by the Turning Axis. Arthur Frost riled up the people against the heroes, and declared war on Atlantis. The Guardian Alliance was taken over by Greek nationalist commandos led by Petroclus. Petroclus took the Wyvern across the Atlantic, and disabled the Interception with the orbital laser. The gangs united to attack the heroes with the Turning Axis. Orion unleashed his full power defending Astropolis. Chao-Tech released Talos again to wreak havoc. The Silver Guard came to Astropolis to assist the heroes. the IMS student also came to assist.

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Libra revisited, Duke, and Punch

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Recap: the Mime is a masked vigilante in NYC. Libra was another vigilante, but he killed criminals for hate. During a confrontation, he panicked and shot himself. It turned out he was Judge McAlister, not the police officer Val “Oliver” Karlsen, who had been the prime suspect. Continue reading