New art

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War, part three

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RECAP: the Turning Axis broke all the supervillains out of Haakon Penitentiary, and brought them to Astropolis, where they attacked the Society of Heroes. the Superhuman Containment officers became Metahuman Control Units, employed by the Turning Axis. Arthur Frost riled up the people against the heroes, and declared war on Atlantis. The Guardian Alliance was taken over by Greek nationalist commandos led by Petroclus. Petroclus took the Wyvern across the Atlantic, and disabled the Interception with the orbital laser. The gangs united to attack the heroes with the Turning Axis. Orion unleashed his full power defending Astropolis. Chao-Tech released Talos again to wreak havoc. The Silver Guard came to Astropolis to assist the heroes. the IMS student also came to assist.

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War, part two

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Watching the chaos, the Council of Archmagi recalled the magicians at large, forbidding interference. However, Amethysta and Vivienne Bellefonte snuck out of the House, and went to assist their comrades.

At the command from the Turning Axis, Petroclus began crossing the Atlantic aboard the Wyvern, to assist Frost’s forces in America Continue reading


The Institute

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In 2013, Mel Curry, the son of Gilaman, was sent to the Institute of Metahuman Studies. He had lost most of his body in a terrorist attack, but his brain had survived, due to an inherited healing factor, and was in a robotic body. Continue reading

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New Aesir, and Vanir

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A millennium ago, is the icy Norse lands, the Aesir ruled over the Vikings from the mystical realm of Asgard. However, they were called away, with other mighties of the Third Race, to combat a great cosmic evil that was approaching from another world. Continue reading