New art

These are more drawings of the characters. By the way, the originals look better. Some of them i may not have mentioned. Continue reading


The Institute

Well, i’m posting again! I probably can’t post every weekend, though. 

Remember to read previous posts. By the way, i updated Ravenseye’s story. He is now female, as i lack female characters.

In 2013, Mel Curry, the son of Gilaman, was sent to the Institute of Metahuman Studies. He had lost most of his body in a terrorist attack, but his brain had survived, due to an inherited healing factor, and was in a robotic body. Continue reading

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New Aesir, and Vanir

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A millennium ago, is the icy Norse lands, the Aesir ruled over the Vikings from the mystical realm of Asgard. However, they were called away, with other mighties of the Third Race, to combat a great cosmic evil that was approaching from another world. Continue reading


EDI, IMS, Gila, and Brainchild

Sorry for the late post and last week’s wonky title format stuff.

Anyway, we continue…

The Elite Defense Initiative (EDI) is a secret armed service founded by the United Nations, to protect the UN countries from major threats they could not handle alone.

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