War, part two

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Watching the chaos, the Council of Archmagi recalled the magicians at large, forbidding interference. However, Amethysta and Vivienne Bellefonte snuck out of the House, and went to assist their comrades.

At the command from the Turning Axis, Petroclus began crossing the Atlantic aboard the Wyvern, to assist Frost’s forces in America Continue reading

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Recap: The Societatis Occulta Scientia is a secret society and government of magicians that has existed for thousands of years. This society governs all magic users on Earth, and is ruled by a council of Magi and a Supreme Archmagus.

One of the first to join the Society of Heroes was a Mage sent by the Societatis Occulta Scientia to act as a representative within the Society, Amethysta Metaxas. Continue reading

Background on the Magical World