the eastern Atlantis, and first contact

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In the Pacific Ocean, for thousands of years, rose two civilizations not dissimilar to the Atlantean in the Atlantic Ocean. These were the Mata, and the Kawatorō. The Mata were tall, dark-skinned, lanky humanoids with prominent brows, after whom the Easter Island statues are modeled. The Kawatorō were green or blue-skinned fishy humanoids with fin-like protuberances. These two peoples both used a rare source of power: Pearls. These were the giant pearls of the legendary Giant Deep-Sea Clam. They contain a glowing green energy, and were used to power the cities of both the Mata and the Kawatorō. They were extremely powerful. However, when two were brought too close together, both would explode violently, destroying everything within 100 metres. These Pearls were the cause of the war between these two civilizations that has been going on for as long as any of them can remember.
The Novii are an alien race that had never seen plants before visiting Earth. Their entire planet, Novr, is covered in plant-like creatures, similar to coral and anemone. The Novii are tall, humanoid, and blue-skinned. They have two sets of slanted eyes, and antennae in place of eyebrows. They have three fingers, and two toes. These sentient creatures are naturally
telepathic. Their technology is made up entirely of creatures, which are grown and operated telepathically. This biotechnology is used for their ships, which they used to visit Earth throughout the past century. In 2014, the Novii officially sent a message of greeting to the UN, introducing themselves and their ambassador ‘Shaar to the Earth. The UN was divided as to
whether to welcome them. Eventually, the Novii were allowed to remain in peace, so long as they did not step foot out of their bioship, except in the UN. The people of Earth, however, were largely hatful toward these newcomers, protesting that they should be sent away, even killed. The Novii worked hard toward gaining Earth’s trust.

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