New art

These are more drawings of the characters. By the way, the originals look better. Some of them i may not have mentioned.


The students at the Institute of Metahuman Studies^


Silverclaw and Dr Frost^

doc00587220141104121914_003 doc00587220141104121914_004

Yakamura and Jade^ (left), Shogun, Genji, Eclipse samurai, and Tengu^ (right)


Shadeslinger, Throe, Panther Queen, and X-Caliber ^

doc00587320141104122129_001 doc00587320141104122129_002

the heroes from WWII (left) : Dynamo, Grey Ghost, Kolonel Krueger, and Silver Falcon^

the villains (right) : Baron Von Sturm (I), Blitzenreich stormtrooper, and the Ubermann^


the Dragon Emperor, and Ichirou; Black Dragon, and Komodo^ (left)

Red Star on bottom right^.

 doc00587320141104122129_008 doc00587420141104122210_001

Baron Von Sturm (III), the Vielfrass, and Blitzenreich stormtrooper^ (left)

Shades gangster, Turning Axis commando, agent of Scarab, and MCU^ (right)

doc00587420141104122210_002 doc00587420141104122210_003 doc00587420141104122210_004

the Huntsman’s father, Boombug, the Martial, the Bi-Ba-Butzemann, and Huskarl^ (top)

Zander Cain, Coda, Duke, Matsushita Daichi, Mace Haakon, Drwg^ (bottom)


Baihu, Ocelotl, Hyena, and Camazotz^

doc00587520141104122241_008 doc00587620141104122312_004

Leech on left^; Jack of Spades, Shadowclaw, Rogue, and Charge on right^

doc00587620141104122312_005 doc00587620141104122312_006 doc00587620141104122312_007

Dr Furan, Otto von Fels, Johann von Fels, Anastasia von Fels, Klaus von Fels, Klara von Fels, Kurt von Fels, with Franz, Dr Frankenstein, and Abomination^

doc00587720141104122334_002 doc00587720141104122334_003

Avenger, the Blue Mummy, Aton, Anubis, Osiris, and Uraeus^


Vigilance, X-human, Sostrate, and Laurence Carter; diagram of Vigilance^


Ravenseye, Count Rafal Paszek, Contessa Sotiria, Abtu ^

doc00587820141104122405_002 doc00587820141104122405_008 doc00587920141104122436_001

(left to right) Brazilian RedMoon assassin, Nebu Maa, Ander, corrupted Ander, purified Verndari, Razurnuvac, Praetor, Tundra

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