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In 2001, König Otto Von Fels acquired an ingenious scientist, whose job it was to examine the items left in König Johann’s lab. This scientist was Dr. Viktor Frankenstein. Frankenstein had his own theories and experiments, which Otto indulged. Frankenstein’s crowning theory was
the concept of bringing a man back from the dead, creating life. The first attempt was in 2002. He acquired several corpses, which he sewed together, to avoid damaged parts. After biofreezing the body, he acquired a dead man’s brain, which had not yet died, and put it inside the body’s skull. He then quickly put his creation into the resuscitation chamber, and attached the proper devices to it. The resuscitation was activated, and an electric pulse went through
the body. The body then began to breathe, but did not open its eyes. It was alive, but had no mind, as if in a coma. They then incinerated the body. The second attempt was in 2003. They followed the same steps, but Frankenstein had
learned from Johann Von Fels’ artifacts. He injected a glowing gold fluid into the body before inserting it into the chamber. The chamber itself was shaped like an MRI scanner. Upon the activation of the machine, the body began to twitch and writhe, and the life readings went wild. The lights flickered, and Frankenstein pulled the body out. The creation sat up, threw its eyes open, and wailed. Frankenstein exclaimed that it was alive. The creation jumped from the bed and ran, destroying apparati, before collapsing in the next room. Dr. Frankenstein and König Otto subdued it. Upon interrogating the creation, they discovered that it had two different-colored eyes, and also two personalities. These personalities were those of the two hit-men “incinerated” with König Johann. The creation was named “Abomination”, and became
one of König Otto’s special agents.

pictures to come.

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