Tannenfels and Morovna, cont.

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In Tannenfels, König Johann Von Fels was a doctor and scientist, theorizing and experimenting with interdimensional metaphysics. His wife was Königin Anastasia Von Fels, and his oldest son was Kronprinz Klaus, 24 years old. Klaus had a younger sister, Anja, 18, and a younger brother, Kurt, 15. Kurt had a pet pug, Franz. König Johann also had a brother, Fürst Otto Von Fels, who was extremely jealous, and desired the throne. In 1997, Fürst Otto enacted his plan to get it. He sent two hit-men to kill König Johann. They found Johann in his lab, working on his experiments. He noticed them and there was a scuffle, which upended many of the materials in the lab. There was a great explosion, and much of the lab was destroyed, and the three men were incinerated in the flash of blue light. The rest of the royal family felt the explosion as the palace shook. A loyal servant had seen the hit-men, and went to warn the family, giving them time to escape. They fled the country, and went to Switzerland, then to America. Otto Von Fels, having lost the royal family, told the frightened citizens that the entire royal family had been killed in a freak accident, and he took the throne.

While searching the wreckage of Johann’s lab, Otto found a strange metal helmet, resembling ancient Greek design, and put it on, whereupon he discovered that it granted him transdimensional and metaphysical powers, through a psychic rift in his mind. He quickly turned Tannenfels into a dictatorship, built a heavy military and tanks, and declared war on Morovna.

In Morovna, which was now a republic, Furan responded to the threat of Tannenfels. He built the Rainmaker 2.0, which was smaller, and strapped to his back. It incorporated anti-gravity technology, to act as a flight pack. The Rainmaker 2.0 had hand-mounted directional controls, with which Furan could direct the weather. Furan used the Rainmaker 2.0 to assist the Morovnan military in turning back the Tannenfelser invaders. König Otto retreated, embittered, and planned his next attack.

After buying the Rainmaker specs from Dr. Furan, the EDI used the device as a cloud cover-machine for the UNS Interception.

After arriving in America, the Von Fels royal family discovered that the explosion in König Johann’s lab had given them each special powers. Königin Anastasia had telepathy and some telekinesis, Klaus could turn into a humanoid dog-beast, and Anja could become a flame-like energy. Kurt force-fields. The family changed their name to Fürst, and became a team of superheroes.

In 1998, they discovered their father, Johann. Johann had not died, but had become an energy-being, floating in the void, until Anastasia accidentally brought him back to the physical plane. However, he remained an energy being. He then joined their team of heroes.

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