Tannenfels, and Morovna

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Tannenfels was a tiny country on the northern border of Romania, in the Carpathian Mountains, about 18 square miles. The flag of Tannenfels was a gold gryphon on a on a green plane. Its government was a monarchy, and the population was about 33,000. The capital city was Felsstadt. Felsstadt was small, and surrounded the royal palace. Tannenfels was not very industrialized, but fairly technologically advanced. It was prosperous, but not rich. It was governed justly by König (King) Johann Von Fels, of the Von Fels royal family.

Tannenfels was neighbored by the country of Morovna. The flag was a red eagle with a gold sword on a black plane. Morovna was about the same size as Tannenfels, but had a population of only 26,000. It was a dry, rocky country, and was not very prosperous. The corrupt government did not help, but simply exploited the people of Morovna.

In 1997, there was a Morovnan scientist, by the name of Dr. Grigori Furan, who dreamed of making his nation a prosperous agricultural center. He studied weather, and how to affect it. He began working on the Rainmaker, a device which would control the weather. The Rainmaker would combine certain materials and plasmatize them, and use them to send a static charge into the stratosphere, gathering moisture to create stormy clouds. Before Furan could finish the Rainmaker, the government heard of his project, and came to his lab with trucks, arresting him and his family, and disassembling the Rainmaker, loading it into their trucks. They brought Furan to a government lab, and ordered him to finish the Rainmaker, on threat of his family’s death. Having finished the Rainmaker, Furan was forced to use it to attack the borders of Tannenfels, waging a new kind of warfare. The Rainmaker called lightning and sleet and hail to attack Tannenfels.

Meanwhile, the Elite Defense Initiative heard of this, and the Elite Defense Council authorized covert interference. Gilaman was sent to Morovna, where he discovered Furan’s plight, and freed him and his family. Furan and some other citizens, aided by Gilaman, overthrew the corrupt government, and established the Republic of Morovna. The flag of the Republic became a blue eagle with a gold shield in one hand and a sickle in the other, on a black plane. Dr. Furan then used his Rainmaker to relieve Morovna’s drought.

The EDI took an interest in the Rainmaker, and offered to buy the specs. Furan agreed, in return for the specs for the EDI’s ant-gravity technology.

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