Dimitrije Marcovic, and Arkadios

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In 1901, certain Serbian soldiers formed a radical nationalist group of assassins called the Black Hand. Their goal was the unification of Serbia. Their first successful assassination was of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. While that was among their earlier, more rugged operations, they grew much in the realm of silent killing, even to the point where their involvement was not supposed. In 1917, they allegedly dispersed, and their leader, codenamed Apis, was executed. However, they continued their operations clandestinely. They expanded beyond nationalism, into professional assassination, under a new “Apis”. The Black Hand continued to run strong for a century, in 1990 joining the Turning Axis. In 2014, the best assassin of the Black Hand was, without a doubt, Dimitrije Marcovic. However, the identity of Apis was unknown, maybe even to Marcovic.

Dimitrije Marcovic wore light paramilitary armour, but was also a master of disguise, and carried two sniper-pistols.

In 2013, American corporations began testing bombs off the east coast. These tests caused the death and disease of many local sea-creatures, and Atlantean agriculture. A certain Atlantean, Arkadios, became enraged at this, and so began defending the Atlantean ocean-space from American ships. He rallied up other militant Atlanteans, and waged a small war against the American corporations. Seeing this, Kriton and Aeton attempted to negotiate with the corporations. However, the corporations accused Atlantis of attacking them. Aeton went with some Atlantean commandos to arrest Arkadios. Arkadios’ men were defeated, but he himself escaped.

(no pics available)

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