Gilaman awoke on a subtropical island, with no recollection of how he got there. He only remembered he was on some mission for the EDI, and the command to maintain radio silence. This struck him as comical, since he had no radio on him. He had recently been attempting to find a team of elite commandos to lead, but so far he had had little luck. Moving across the beach where he had found himself, he came across a small bunker. Entering, he found two pistols, like he used. Containing his puzzlement, he continued. He soon encountered two ragged men in an intense firefight in the woods; they had not noticed him yet. He snuck up closer to take a look. Suddenly, he felt a thwack on the back of his head, and lost consciousness.

Crock, walking toward where he knew some of the other survivors met, when they weren’t killing each other, he saw two, whom he didn’t recognize, which was strange. He knew almost everyone on the island, and the new ones wouldn’t be so oriented, or ragged, yet. Suddenly, he saw, in the brush nearer ahead of him, a less-ragged man with two pistols, just watching the firefight. Crock could ask questions later. He advanced, and clocked the man on the back of the head.

Tora looked around for the source of the projectiles. He noticed a man with a bow, running along higher ground. Running after, Tora drew his katana. The man with the bow turned, and shot another arrow, which Tora slashed out of the air, whereupon the arrowhead exploded in green smoke, which filled the air. Tora began to feel nauseous, but implemented the technique of internal breathing, which his sensei had taught him. He continued after the bowman.

Lockesley had fired two explosive arrows, and one gas arrow, but this swordsman was still up, and chasing him. Lockesley jumped into the brush, to wait for him. As the man passed Lockesley’s hiding place, Lockesley jumped out and struck him with his bow. The man turned, and slashed with his sword, slicing the bow in half. Suddenly, Lockesley saw the man’s face. It looked very familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The man seemed to have recognized him, as well, for he had stopped short. Suddenly, an engine revved behind them.

Gilaman awoke on the floor of a bunker, with a familiar face looking him over quizzically. Familiar as the man was, Gilaman had no idea who he was. The man said something, which he didn’t hear, but the voice—the voice triggered something in Gilaman’s brain. He suddenly knew the man to be Crock, a fellow EDI agent, but beyond that, he had no clue. Gilaman said so, and Crock seemed surprised that Gilaman knew his name. Gilaman introduced himself, and asked Crock’s mission, but Crock seemed not even to know what the EDI was. Thinking Gilaman crazy, Crock began to raise his pistol to strike him unconscious again, but Gilaman rolled out of the way, rising to his feet. Crock decided to forge a temporary alliance, and they left the bunker to seek out others.

Lockesley and Tora hastily introduced themselves, which seemed odd, like introducing oneself twice, and hid in the brush. The sound of the engine got closer, and a dune buggy raced between the trees, almost directly in front of them, driven by a ragged man wearing ammo belts, and carrying a missile launcher behind him. After the buggy had passed, the two misplaced comrades headed in the direction of where Lockesley had woken up, and stopped at the bunker, so Lockesley could pick up his other bow.

Gilaman and Crock suddenly came upon Lockesley and Tora, and, after a brief skirmish, they became acquainted. Suddenly, as they saw one another’s faces, the memories came flooding back.

Gilaman’s elite team had been investigating the Society of  in South America. They discovered a small military base in a hidden canyon is the rainforest, and, performing a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) drop from a heli-plane, they had entered undetected. However, they had been captured, and their memories of the previous six months wiped.

They sought a way off the island, but could find none. They built a radio-transmitter, but there was a jamming signal around the island. They survived as a team for a month, and then one day, they were taken off. In the night, an undetected stealth jet-copter came, and Society of  agents inserted noxious gas into their bunker, and dragged away their prone forms.

Awakening in cells, the group discovered that they were soon to be put through “the Operation”, which they guessed to be another memory-wipe. They managed to escape their cells, and found that they were once again in the rainforest base in Brazil. After much sneaking and avoiding guards, they managed to escape the base, and make their way out of the canyon. They made their way to an EDI safehouse in a nearby city, and contacted the EDI. They then returned to the Interception to await further missions.

Ronin Crock Huntsman Gilaman

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