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In 2014, a new terrorist organization began to reveal itself. Very well equipped, and well informed, they began raiding seemingly unrelated science laboratories and corporate buildings. The EDI began to take notice, and managed to determine a pattern, arriving at one raid scene just after the terrorists. Though the terrorists got away with the goods they were after, the EDI learned more about them. The terrorists called themselves the “Society of ”, though no one knew what the “” was. The soldiers were extremely well trained and efficient, and took orders unquestioningly, and with apparent zeal.

What the EDI did not know, was that the Society of  was linked to the mysterious disappearances of EDI agents, as well as commandos from many of the world’s armed forces. Unbeknownst to anyone, these missing persons’ memories were wiped, and they were abandoned on a subtropical island in the southern Pacific Ocean. On this island, they were forced to survive, and kill one another, until the best were revealed. This was a way of reinstituting their fighting and survival instincts, as a sort of subliminal training. After a few months, the best of the survivors on the island were taken off the island, and their memories wiped again, but their training remained. They were then put through hypnotherapy to ensure their efficiency as soldiers, and their obedience. They would then become the agents of the Society of . One of these would have been EDI agent Crock, had an EDI heli-plane not landed on the island by accident.

Katayama Tora awoke on some unfamiliar subtropical island, with no recollection of how he got there. The last thing he remembered was his sensei and daimyo being slain by the Shogun, Nisshoku Hiroto. Tora had vowed revenge, but had been knocked unconscious. Exploring the woods he had now entered, he came across a small bunker, the metal door of which was unlocked. He entered, and found his very own daisho, the longer katana, and the shorter wakizashi! Surprised, but not caught off guard, per his training, he continued on across the island. Soon, he heard an explosion behind him, followed by a faint whistling sound, and another explosion, directly behind him. He jumped aside to hide in the bushes.

Alexander Lockesley awoke on a strange island he didn’t recognize. His last memory was being caught by the SCOs after a successful assassination. He had no idea how he had gotten here. Exploring the forest, he found an unlocked bunker, which he entered. To his surprise, he found two of his own bows, and quiver full of utility arrows. He continued on, until he noticed movement up ahead. Looking, he saw a man with a topknot carrying a sword, on lower ground than he was. Taking out an explosive arrow, he decided he couldn’t take any chances. He aimed, and fired.

Crock awoke in the sand, wondering where he was. Then it came back to him he had found himself on this island about a month ago, and was able to survive because of his friend, Eel. Eel had disappeared one day, but Crock had gotten along. He suddenly wondered why he was here. He always slept in a bunker, with a pistol at hand. He was on the beach, in the open, without a gun. Knowing the island by heart, however, he made his way to the nearest bunker. There he found that his stash of weapons, food, and medical supplies had been pilfered overnight. Moving on, he found another bunker he hadn’t seen before. Gaining entry, he found guns and food to his satisfaction. He continued on across the island.

Gilaman Crock Huntsman Ronin


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