War, part three

Read parts 1 and 2 first!!!

RECAP: the Turning Axis broke all the supervillains out of Haakon Penitentiary, and brought them to Astropolis, where they attacked the Society of Heroes. the Superhuman Containment officers became Metahuman Control Units, employed by the Turning Axis. Arthur Frost riled up the people against the heroes, and declared war on Atlantis. The Guardian Alliance was taken over by Greek nationalist commandos led by Petroclus. Petroclus took the Wyvern across the Atlantic, and disabled the Interception with the orbital laser. The gangs united to attack the heroes with the Turning Axis. Orion unleashed his full power defending Astropolis. Chao-Tech released Talos again to wreak havoc. The Silver Guard came to Astropolis to assist the heroes. the IMS student also came to assist.

We continue…

In the western Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantean fleet was engaging the US fleet, who were hopelessly outmatched. The Atlantean ships were coming from beneath, and bombing the undersides of the American ships with Greek Fire. The Atlantean spellcasters were performing hydromancy as a group, attacking the opposing fleet with a giant octopus of glowing water. King Triton headed the assault himself, from the prow of the flagship, the AES Atlantea. Using Poseidon’s Trident, he swept away enemy ships with the power of the sea. Suddenly, a great bolt of laser-lightning crashed down upon the Atlantea, which broke into several pieces, which blew apart. Triton was destroyed altogether. The only thing that remained was the Trident of Poseidon, which three Atlantean messengers brought to the Gulf of Mexico. In Astropolis, ten hours after the destruction of the Sentry Building, the messengers arrived, and told Kriton the news of his father, giving him the Trident of the King. In a mad rage, Kriton abandoned all restraint, and led an elite team of Atlantean commandos to besiege the White House.

In DC, Arthur frost was informed that the White House was under attack. He was herded to a heli-plane, surrounded by Turning Axis soldiers. As they were boarding, the Atlantean commandos burst through the wall, but too late. Fighting through the Turning Axis soldiers, they followed Frost in one of Macbeth’s planes. However, they were unable to catch up.

The day after the death of Triton, the EDI began searching for Arthur Frost, but found no sign. Finally, they found him, but he was dead, with bullets in his back.

Petroclus returned to Europe in the Wyvern, but the dirigible was taken back by the Guardian Alliance in a surprise attack, with the help of the United Kingdom Protectors. Petroclus fled, going into hiding.

In Astropolis, most of the gangs and Metahuman Control Units were apprehended.

Following the death of President Frost, the public was told that he was killed by the terrorists. Due to the special circumstances involving possible terrorist agents in the government, the usual passing of the torch did not occur. Instead, a new election began. The leading candidate was the entrepreneur and philanthropist Mace Haakon.

Due to its connections to the terrorists, Chao-Tech was shut down, and the facilities were bought by the tech corporation Axiom Laboratories.

After Frost’s death, Kriton officially became King of Atlantis, and Aeton became Atlantis’ representative in the Society of Heroes.

Following the unsuccessful attempt by the Turning Axis to destroy the Society of Heroes and take over the US government, Eoin Macbeth called a meeting of Ming Yakamura, Kriton, the Commodore, the Great Briton, Pendragon, Nebu Maa, Ocelotl, Mime, Baihu, Tomorrow Man, the Corps Magnifique, Quinn Hammer, Invisible Man, Doctor Silence, and the original six from the Society of Heroes. After much discussion, all the groups of heroes joined to form the Global Society of Heroes, to better keep the world safe.

Soon after, the Sentry Building was rebuilt as the Astro Tower, one of the main GSH stations around the world.

In late 2014, Mace Haakon became the President of the United States. His main goal, he stated, was to find and eliminate the last vestiges of the Turning Axis, and any others like it. He employed EDI agents as his Secret Service, being a secret agent of the Elite Defense Initiative.

pics, clockwise:Jill-Maeva, Alexis Helene, Rubber Soul, Wan Sow, Psyborg, Haywire.

Jill Maeva Alexis Helene Rubber Soul Wan Sow Psyborg Haywire

and remember, i haven’t updated the Psyborg pic. he doesnt actually have that transparent forehead.

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