War, part two

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Watching the chaos, the Council of Archmagi recalled the magicians at large, forbidding interference. However, Amethysta and Vivienne Bellefonte snuck out of the House, and went to assist their comrades.

At the command from the Turning Axis, Petroclus began crossing the Atlantic aboard the Wyvern, to assist Frost’s forces in America. However, halfway across, he encountered the only people equipped (in fact created) to handle the Turning Axis: the Elite Defense Initiative. The Wyvern, a single dirigible, was up against an ultra-massive air-fortress, the Interception. The Interception’s fighters began circling the Wyvern, and dropships prepared to board. Petroclus couldn’t offer any resistance, since Phrourós had destroyed all the planes. However, suddenly, a giant bolt of laser-lightning arced from the sky and struck the aft starboard turbine of the Interception. Frost had activated the orbital laser. The air fortress spiraled down to the ocean, managing to keep itself upright and floating, with strenuous help from the antigrav dome. Even so, the EDI’s capital ship was out of commission. The Wyvern continued on.

 Back in Astropolis, the MCU (Metahuman Control Units), the Turning Axis soldiers, the escaped villains, and the gangs, began a huge assault on the Sentry Building and the Macbeth Enterprises Building. Chao-Tech even released Talos once again, sending him to wreak havoc. Macbeth set loose all the power of the Society of Heroes, and Macbeth Enterprises, in an effort to stem the enemy forces. Orion also unleashed his true magical power, in the service of his master.

Brought by the crisis, Quinn Hammer and the Silver Guard came to lend assistance.

 At the Institute of Metahuman Studies, tensions were growing, because the young heroes wanted to go assist their mentors in Astropolis. Eventually, the teachers began organizing the students into squads, to go in transports to help in Astropolis. One squad was led by Psyborg, and the plane was piloted by Jill-Maeva. Also in the squad were Rubber Soul, Wan Sow, Haywire, and Alexis Helene. Arriving in Astropolis, Psyborg let loose his abilities more than ever before. Using his flight, he fought the Turning Axis goons with massive telekinesis. Wan Sow flew around on a cushion of air, blowing the villains away. Rubber Soul became a parachute for Haywire, who began electrocuting their foes. Alexis orchestrated their communications and tactics, while Jill performed aerial maneuvers and strikes. After a short while, their plane was damaged by crossfire, and crash-landed on a building. No one was hurt, and the communications remained online. Jill then grabbed an electric rifle, and went out to fight their foes on foot.

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