War, part one

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In 2013, Det. Jean-Mal Grey began noticing unusual gang activity between New York and Astropolis, especially with the gangs that he had previously learned were associated with the “Legitimates Society”. The gang raids had oddly decreased, as if they were saving resources for something, and their operations had moved closer and closer to Astropolis.

In early 2014, Arthur Frost’s elite task force infiltrated the Haakon Penitentiary, starting a mass jailbreak. Since the team had deactivated the restraining collars, the highly trained guards stood no chance against the onslaught of super villains. Colonel Forge, the warden, managed to deactivate the hard-light bridge leading to the only exit, trapping everyone inside. However, Faustus magically detonated the roof, where several Turning Axis heli-transports were waiting to ferry the prisoners back to the mainland. They had also brought Dr Oersted’s magneto-suit, with which they provided him.

At the same time, in Washington, DC, Arthur Frost declared his enmity towards the Society of Heroes, and all but told the people to bring them down.

In Astropolis, protestors were being rallied by small-time demagogues, and were demanding the dispersion of the Society of Heroes. Chao-Tech provided them with various weapons, and the rioters began assaults on all heroes. The various gangs soon joined them, including the Shades, and Duke’s thugs. Many of the Superhuman Containment Officers joined the Turning Axis, become Metahuman Control Units, and began capturing heroes and keeping them in a specially prepared prison in an underground Chao-Tech lab.

Arthur Frost discovered, in early 2014, that Atlantis had been testing experimental weapons in the Bermuda Triangle, and had caused the disappearance of several planes. After much debate and subtle demagoguery, despite the efforts of the UN, the US declared war on Atlantis, and Frost sent the entire naval fleet to meet the Atlantean forces.


In Europe, a month before, Phrourós had been sent on a mission, from which he mysteriously did not return. After finally escaping his danger (which is a story for another day), he returned to the Wyvern, to find he had been replaced. An unofficial group of armed Greek nationalists had taken his place. He became acquainted with their leader, Petroclus, from whom he discovered that, upon their acceptance into the Guardian Alliance, with his Hoplite Commandos, he had forcibly taken control of the Wyvern, and the Commodore had disappeared. Phrourós was locked in the brig with the others who had not complied. Lupe had joined Petroclus, and Inachos had left to fight for Atlantis. Psyren was being restrained with a magical amulet around her neck, and the Golem and Kára were locked up alongside. However, Lupe was only feigning compliance, and was able to break them out. Soon finding the prisoners gone, the Hoplites headed toward the hangar where Phrourós had landed his plane, but Phrourós had foreseen that. He activated the remote self-destruct mechanism, destroying his plane, and the whole hangar. The fugitives were already well on their way to the other hangar, and commandeered one of the Alliance’s planes. As they were taking off, the Hoplite’s tried to follow, but Phrourós had sabotaged the other planes, as well.

The fugitives then made their way to Denever Kazhan’s hidden castle in Romania, where they found the Commodore making plans to reclaim the Wyvern.

          Petroclus then reported his progress to his masters, the Turning Axis.

Golem Kara Siren Lupe


PhrourosPetroclusHoplite Commando

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