Red Star, Mizumaké, and the Heir of Macbeth

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After WWII, when the Turning Axis formed, their Japanese branch became known as the Red Star, which was a group loyal to the Emperor. After the Emperor’s death, his heir inherited the Red Star. This Dragon Emperor, as they called him, was said to have inherited magic power from Amaterasu, the ancestress of all Japanese emperors. The Red Star is intent on bringing Japan back under the Emperor’s power. The Red Star were based in the giant submersible aircraft carrier/fortress Tairyū, in the Pacific Ocean.

The EDI searched long and hard for this loyalist society, sending Gilaman on several missions in the late sixties and early seventies, but without headway. Finally, when an EDI agent codenamed “Thunderbird” (who was descended from one of the WWII Navajo code-talkers) was sent on a mission to Japan in 1983, he discovered not the Red Star, but a base of the Preserved Clans. However, from the Nisshoku samurai there he acquired valuable information about the Red Star.

In 2013, some Atlantean commandos, led by Kriton, were on a mission in the former battleground of the Battle of Mizumaké. They found one of the fallen Paratlantean ships, and decided to search it. After fighting off some sea-serpents that had taken up residence in it, the discovered that the ship was the very one in which Aragones the Betrayer had met his doom. Searching further, they found a room which seemed to have been untouched by the serpents. Opening the door, Kriton found the Trident of Poseidon, stuck into the floor. Taking it, he brought it back to his father in glory, and Triton, Lord of Atlantis, once again ruled the seas.

In 2012, Alasdair Macbeth summoned five gargoyle monsters to hunt Eoin Macbeth. They were large, bulky, black-skinned humanoid Daemons, with enormous bat-wings, and brow ridges below their wild hair. The first, the dark-blue-haired one, attacked Eoin as he was entering the Macbeth Enterprises building. Just in time, Orion, ever at his master’s side, threw up a magical barrier, protecting them as they went in. As they were going up to the “castle”, Macbeth’s home above his corporate building, the second of the beasts, the green-haired one, burst through the window. Orion held it at bay with several shots from his Fulmina pistol. Activating the voice-code override, Macbeth put the whole building into lockdown, as the five beasts besieged him. He activated the automated defense system, which briefly kept the gargoyles busy with laser turrets, but soon, the turrets were destroyed. Opening his secret arsenal, he equipped his security team to deal with the threat. Macbeth attempted to sneak away to the Sentry building in his stealth hover-transport, Synapse, but it was disabled in the air by the flying beasts, and crashed into the side of the building. Having donned his Woad battle armour, he jumped back through the open bay doors, into the hangar. The five gargoyle beasts swarmed to the new opening, laying siege to the security team and Macbeth. Eoin was grabbed by one, and dragged into the air, but, with his enhanced strength, flipped the gargoyle over, and threw him at the wall, falling back to the floor. Orion felled the first beast with the Fulmina, and Macbeth killed the second with a laser rifle. The third, with black hair, was brought down by the combined fire of the security team. The remaining two, a white-haired female and a bright-red-haired male, stopped to survey the carnage, then, having apparently seen that they could not win, turned and flew back to their sorcerous master.

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