Elite Defense

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One day, in 2013, a man awoke on an island with no memory of his name. He remembered nothing of who he was or how he came to be there. The beach was sandy and hot, and the island was rocky and forested. He wandered to the edge of the wood. Suddenly, a missile shot past him, exploding in the sand, knocking him forward. He fell down into a ditch underneath a jutting boulder. Looking around, he saw what appeared to be a bunker door hidden under the rock. Pulling it open, he found racks of weapons inside. Grabbing whatever guns he could, he snuck out. Exploring the woods, he came across a dark-skinned man who introduced himself as “Eel”. He carried a pistol and a machete. They talked, and Eel told him about how everyone here had woken up with no memory, and that the island was some kind of rat maze, where everyone was meant to kill each other. This survival of the fittest suited them well. Whomever it did not suit, died quickly. Whenever someone got really good, became untouchable, they would just disappear one day. Eel decided this new fish needed a name. He was dubbed “Crock”. He soon became one of the best survivors on the island.

One day, Eel disappeared. While Crock had needed guidance before, he needed none now, and the loss was not great.

In early 2014, an EDI heli-plane was flying over the southern Pacific Ocean, when suddenly, the communications and navigation went dead. Deciding to continue straight, they soon found a tropical island covered in trees. Landing in a clearing, the crew began to search for the source of the interference. Soon, however, they discovered the occupants of the island. The occupants seemed to have nothing in common, except weapons and hostility, even to each other.

The agents didn’t find the interference’s source, but one of them had worked out how to safely leave its effective radius. Lifting off, they headed north. There communications came back online shortly. They notified the UNS Interception, which arrived after a few hours to receive them. While unloading the heli-plane, they found that someone from the island had stowed away. This someone was Crock. He tried to run, but he was apprehended, and put in the brig. Eventually, he told the EDI his story, and how he came to be there. Gilaman came, and offered Crock a place on his special task force, since he had no life to go back to. Crock accepted, and joined Gilaman.

In 2014, the Huntsman was carrying out his usual assassinations, when he was finally apprehended. The EDI had gotten to him before the US law enforcement. He faced serious charges, but the EDI offered him a deal. If he would serve in their elite task force for 5 years, they would give him a clean slate. He agreed, joining Gilaman and Crock.

In 2012, the Preserved Clans tried to recruit the Katayama clan, one of the few remaining independent clans. However, they wished to remain independent, so the Shogun slew their daimyo, seizing their clan. One samurai by the name of Katayama Tora was still loyal, and escaped the Shogun. He lived as a ronin, or masterless samurai, for a while, until he encountered the EDI, who offered him a place in their special task force. He accepted, taking the codename Ronin.

Gilaman Huntsman Crock Ronin

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