Frost, Edge, and Blitzenfuerst

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The Turning Axis became more and more influential throughout the years, and expanded into other governments. In 2013, they set up Arthur Frost, the son of Rupert Frost, as a presidential candidate, and rigged the election in his favor. Frost became president, securing the Turning Axis in the US government. Frost’s Secret Service was composed of Turning Axis commandos. For his secret commando team he recruited “gifted” individuals, among whom was Laurence Carter, son of Virgil Carter, who had inherited his father’s super speed. Also recruited was one of the sorcerers who had released Verndari, by the name of Faustus Plinius. Frost also recruited a cyborg assassin by the alias of “X-Human”, and a vampire assassin by the name of Sostraté, who was the daughter of Contessa Sotiria. To lead this team, he recruited a tactical genius, who was under the code name “Drwg”. They became his elite task force in sublegal activities.

Frost also brought together the remains of the Legitimates, recruiting the Martial, Vigilance, Callie Cain, and Boombug. He also began working more closely with Chao-Tech to produce illegal weapons.

In 2014, Frost put forth the idea to send an earth-facing satellite into orbit, to detect “terrorist activities”. The telescope was to be provided by Chao-Tech. The idea was accepted, and the satellite was launched. However, Frost had lied, and the “satellite” was, in fact, an automated giant sniper laser for the Turing Axis, which would be accessible by Frost with the US Nuclear Arsenal.


In 2014, Eoin Macbeth upgraded the Woad battle armour to the EdgeWing battle armour. He fitted it with collapsible wings and a jetpack. He just needed a pilot. One of Macbeth Enterprises’ test pilots, Theo Beaumont, volunteered for the project. Once, when Theo was flying it at the Texas test site, Eoin Macbeth arranged a radio “malfunction” as a test. Theo followed a strange signal past the test site boundaries. It brought him directly to Astropolis, where a large crime was taking place. Unlocking the untested experimental weapons features, he assisted the Society of Heroes. Upon returning, he was unexpectedly congratulated be Eoin Macbeth, and recruited into the Society of Heroes under the codename “the Edge”.


In 2013, Gilaman was sent by the EDI to apprehend Baron Von Sturm, who had been finally tracked down. Gilaman snuck into Von Sturm’s base. Sneaking behind Von Sturm himself, he attacked. However, after a struggle, he was overpowered, and dragged along to witness Von Sturm’s master plan before they would kill him. Gilaman gathered his strength and struck out at Sturm again, knocking of his mask. Von Sturm then revealed how he was, in fact, not the grandson of Viktor Von Sturm, but his Nazi super-clone, like Gilaman (though Gilaman was the clone of Wolfgang Krueger). Leading the bound Gilaman to the final chamber, he opened the door to reveal rows and rows of tanks, in each floating a naked body, which looked exactly like Von Sturm. He revealed his plan to repopulate the world with the superior race, all of whom would be super-clones and their offspring. Having regained his strength, Gilaman incapacitated the guards holding him, and advanced on the Baron. There was a tremendous fight, neither gaining ground on the other. Their battle took them to another room, where there was mesh floor overlooking a great turning fan. The mesh was old and weak, the fight weakening it further. At long last, Gilaman pushed Von Sturm onto a particularly weak spot, whereupon the Baron broke the mesh falling through, toward the fan. He fell into the fan, and was rent limb from limb. Having killed the leader, Gilaman set bombs, destroying the clones, and ending the terror of Baron Von Sturm.

Arthur Frost



Laurence Carter

X-HumanSostratéDrwgTurning Axis CommandoBaron Von SturmBlitzreich Commando


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