Haunts and Shadows


(relevant recapitulation can be found in my posts on vampires, Chao-Tech, and Alasdair Macbeth)

Carney MacDougal was a Celtic Pictish noble who ruled centuries before the Christianization of the British Isles. He ruled ruthlessly, which gave him the nickname “Carney the Cruel”. His story is much unknown, but he is said to have consorted with dark spirits. He wore silver chains to protect himself from dark magic, though he used more than he received. His actions and death are unknown. His castle, Castle MacDougal, remained after his death, and was said to have been haunted by his ghost. Castle MacDougal was set atop a hill in western Scotland, with a sheer cliff dropping to the sea next to it.

In 2008, Eoin Macbeth explored the ruins of ancient Scotland. In his exploration, he came across Castle MacDougal. Going inside, he met Alasdair Macbeth for the first time. Alasdair had been drawn to the castle’s dark power, and was performing an arcane ritual in it. Alasdair recognized Eoin at once, and, wanting to be the sole heir of Macbeth, attempted to kill him. However, Morrigan LeFae had taken an interest in Eoin’s fate, and stepped in to stop Alasdair. Together, Alasdair and Morrigan left, and took the ghost of Carney the Cruel with them, whether intentionally or not. Eoin then purchased the MacDougal land, and used the Castle as his home and base in Scotland. He fitted it with secret passages, as well as a helipad. Years later, when Orion reappeared, the magus was able to tap into the magic trapped inside the Pictish stones of the ancient castle.


In 2014, Dr Helmut Scharrer began to investigate the Vampyric disease, for use in the Turning Axis’ super-soldier project. Since he could get little information of value from infected victims of Vampyrism, he decided he needed a born-Vampire to study. However, it would prove a challenge to acquire one alive. After a struggle, Chao-Tech captured the Polish vampire aristocrat Mariusz Teneber Paszek. Scharrer was able to extract living samples of the disease. The danger of the operation was that bright light would burn the subject and the samples. Consequently, the lab was kept in very dim light, and the subject’s cage in artificial shadow. The perimeter of the cage was lined with upward facing light beams, to prevent his escape. Despite the precautions, the doctor became careless, and, during an experiment, the subject broke out of his cage and slashed the doctor across the chest, and enacted his escape. When the guards entered, they found Scharrer dead, and the samples shattered on the floor. They ran after Paszek, knowing that he had to move in cover of darkness, or the sun would kill him. However, they could not find him, even searching the air for a “large bat”. His method of escape remained unknown.

The guards had found Scharrer dead, but he was not as dead as he had seemed. His wound had become infected with the Vampyric disease, as well as his synthesized mutagens. Upon reawakening, having lost reason, he ran from the Chao-Tech facility, killing whoever stood in his way. Avoiding light, he made his way to one of his hidden labs in the city, and, drifting in and out of sanity, began to self-diagnose. Whenever he could, he recorded video logs, documenting his condition and actions. With his growing mutation, the entries became more and more garbled, until, after a few months, they ceased altogether. Dr Helmut Scharrer was never heard from again, only an insane vampire lurking in the dark.

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