The Institute

Well, i’m posting again! I probably can’t post every weekend, though. 

Remember to read previous posts. By the way, i updated Ravenseye’s story. He is now female, as i lack female characters.

In 2013, Mel Curry, the son of Gilaman, was sent to the Institute of Metahuman Studies. He had lost most of his body in a terrorist attack, but his brain had survived, due to an inherited healing factor, and was in a robotic body. At the institute, he wasn’t fully accepted and spent long hours in solitude. In his brain, the mutation that had saved his life also grew a new gland, which was extremely rare. His solitude, excellent intellect, and previous coma allowed him to unlock new abilities. In the late part of his first semester, he began to hear the thoughts of those around him. This frightened him, and he spent more time alone in his private dorm, until he learned to block it out. Even so, it would periodically come back, and was stronger each time. He finally revealed this to the Psychics teacher, who helped him control his power.

After the semester ended, with no place to go, he lived on the island in his dorm. Over the winter of 2014, he built himself a new robot body, one with which he could somewhat blend in with the other students.

The next semester, he first showed himself in his new body, and with new confidence. He befriended his new roommate, Mathias “Matt Rodriguez, who doubled as the Canadian hero “Haywire”. Haywire had powers of Electrokinesis. The two also met Alexis Helene, a quantum mechanics student, and Jill Maeva, a former Vanir initiate, who was reborn as a Valkyrie. Jill had exceptional strength, as well as excellent piloting skills. Another of the students was the Aerokinetic Chen Liao, AKA Wan Sow, who was the protégé of the Chinese hero LeiChuang. The group of friends decided that Mel needed an alias. He was then dubbed “Psyborg”, playing off his robotic body and telepathy. In the midst of his education at the Institute, he developed telekinesis, brought on by his development of telepathy. Even so, he remained reluctant to use his mental abilities.

Dr Nicolas White, aka Silverclaw, being a skilled geneticist, briefly retired from science work at Macbeth Enterprises to teach genetics at IMS. After most of a semester, he was called away to assist with a crisis involving mutations in Myrmidon’s DNA. While being notified at the school, he was overheard by Jill Maeva, who then told Alexis, Mel and Matt. Being adventurous, the group followed Dr White. With his enhanced senses, the doctor caught their scent a few times, but each time they hid themselves. Upon arriving in the school’s hangar bay, they found they couldn’t effectively stow away, whereupon the doctor lifted off. However, Jill recalled some skills from her previous life, and managed to secretly steal a plane, in which they followed their teacher’s vessel from a distance.

In the midst of the flight, they realized that Chen had also stowed away. Being too far to turn back, they could do nothing but let him tag along. By the time the school realized they and the plane were gone, there was nothing to be done. Upon arriving in Astropolis, TX, at the Sentry Building, they were reprimanded and confined to makeshift quarters. In the rush of the crisis at hand, Alexis overheard some important details about Myrmidon’s condition. With Jill’s help, she got past their guards, and Alexis made her way to Dr White’s lab, and told him about her idea to use sono-electric radiation to subdue Myrmidon’s cell mutations. Her idea worked, and Myrmidon’s health soon returned. The students were reprimanded, and briefly thanked, and were sent back to the Institute. The innovation of Alexis Helene was not unnoticed by Macbeth Enterprises, and the Macbeth science center began to keep an eye on her career.

below, clockwise: Jill Maeva, Haywire, Chen Liao, Alexis Helene, Psyborg

i have made some revisions since scanning these pics. i gave Alexis have dark hair, and took away that silly transparent brain cover on Psyborg.

Jill Maeva Haywire Psyborg Wan Sow  Alexis Helene


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