Baron Von Sturm, Crystal Skull, and Ravenseye

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In WWII, the secret weapon of the Allies was a spy in the German ranks, Kolonel Wolfgang Krueger. His main adversary was the Nazi’s elite General, Baron Viktor Von Sturm. Von Sturm had his suspicions about Krueger, and kept a close watch on him. At the end of the war, when the Alliance of Liberty invaded Germany, Krueger and Von Sturm fought to the death, Krueger narrowly ending up on top. When, in desperation, the Axis formed the Turning Axis, to secretly exist and re-conquer the world, they enlisted Viktor’s son, August Von Sturm. In 2013, Sturm’s grandson, Baron Gunther Von Sturm, ruled the German branch of the Turning Axis, Blitzenreich.

The EDI had been attempting to shut down Blitzenreich’s illegal operations ever since they first encountered it. However, with enormous resources, as well as notable genius, at his disposal, Von Sturm continued to elude them.

Zacarías Amador was a Mexican-Brazilian Cartel leader whose drug trafficking boomed in the early 2000’s. This particular cartel was the South American branch of the Turning Axis. Amador was a ruthless and efficient leader, and was respected and feared. Antonio Martinez was a Mexican whose parents were killed by the Cartel in 2001. Vowing revenge, Antonio waged war on the Cartel, as a vigilante. He took inspiration from the ancient Mayans, and became Ocelotl, after their jaguar warriors. He donned a mask and armor, with full jaguar camouflage. Ocelotl soon grew adept at stopping drug transports. In 2010, Ocelotl tracked down Zacarías Amador to a Brazilian scientific research center, where the Cartel hoped to steal some more “exotic” substances. Ocelotl quickly dispatched the thugs, and came after Amador. During the fight that ensued, the drug lord was accidentally knocked into a canister of experimental chemicals, which had been punctured by bullets in the earlier firefight. The chemicals cascaded onto Amador, who began to burn and twitch, and finally fell to the ground. Ocelotl reached down and checked for a pulse, but found none. Thinking his foe dead, he left. However, the Cartel leader was not as dead as he thought, and he regained consciousness a few hours later. Upon waking, he found he had been transformed. He had been seriously burned, and his flesh had sunken in his face, giving it a skull-like appearance. However, the most striking change was that his flesh was now black, and sleek, like obsidian, but was hard as diamond. Scarred, inside and out, he set off toward his HQ. He reclaimed control of the Cartel, and was dubbed “Crystal Skull”. He was intent on killing this vigilante who had scarred him.

Nascha Atsa was a Navajo from a reservation in New Mexico. She had inherited the mystic ability to see through the eyes of any bird of the air, and communicate with them telepathically. In 2008, she began to use this ability to scout the skies. In scouting, he discovered crime, and decided to do something to stop it. In 2010, she became an official hero, policing her reservation as Ravenseye. Her main foe was a Navajo of unknown name, who was a Skin Walker. As such, he could transform into any animal of his choosing, and gain magical power from fear through eye contact. He called himself Totem. In his human form, he was covered in tattoos. In the most notable encounter, he attacked Ravenseye as a large hawk. Atsa then discovered she had the power to telepathically summon a great thunderbird of legend. The thunderbird defeated the hawk, and carried Ravenseye off. In 2013, Ravenseye joined the Society of Heroes.

Baron Von SturmBaron Von Sturm^Crystal SkullCrystal Skull^OcelotlOcelotl^

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