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Tales of Atlantis, and of Kriton

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The undersea empire of Atlantis is made up of Tritons, who are children of Poseidon, and Oceanides, who are children of Oceanus. At a young age, those Atlanteans who have the gift of magic are sent to one of the many Atlantean schools of magic. Others are mostly sent to the Atlantean military academies. The armed forces of Atlantis are composed of spellcasters, who can do great feats of Hydromancy by magically linking, and the hoplites, who are the soldiers. The main nonlethal weapon of the hoplites is a set of batons strapped to their backs. They also wield sword and tridents, and, in the modern age, electric/sonic guns and Greek Fire ballistics. Greek Fire is a green substance that is a liquid when isolated, but which bursts into plasma flames when exposed to oxygen, and even burns underwater. It was used by the Byzantine Empire in the 4th century. The Trident of Poseidon is an ancient relic that had been passed down through the Kings of Atlantis. It gave the King complete control over the ocean. Every crown prince of Atlantis fashions a trident for himself, which he carries until he inherits Poseidon’s Trident. The Prince’s personal trident is kept to be put in the hands of his commemorative statue, which is erected when he dies. Just like in ancient Greece, the Atlanteans have an Oracle. At proper times, she is possessed by a spirit of Triton, which makes her eyes and magical body tattoos glow green, and prophesies in cryptic verse. She is consulted by those about to go on a quest, and by generals preparing for battle.

The Tritons and Oceanides had always been at odds, but the Oceanide dislike for Triton rule burst forth in the mid-twentieth century, during the reign of King Triton IV. The Oceanides claimed that they had the right to rule the seas, as their ancestor, Oceanus, had ruled long before Poseidon. The Oceanide Insurrection was spearheaded by a power-hungry Oceanide by the name of Aragones, who hated Tritons, and desired to take Poseidon’s Trident. The Oceanide army sported Hypaspists, who wielded twin swords, and were worth three Triton hoplites. Even with the orca-riding Triton  Hetairoi (cavalry), the Tritons were outmatched.

The young crown prince, Kriton, had fashioned his Trident, which was two bronze batons which magically became a trident when he put them end to end, though he had not quite perfected doing so. His close friend, Aeton, was called away to serve in the Triton army at the start of the Oceanide Insurrection. Left alone, and not permitted to fight, Kriton snuck out of the palace, and disguised himself in hoplite armor, strapped his “batons” to his back, and set off to fight alongside his friend. He followed Aeton’s battalion past enemy lines where they planned to snare Aragones. However, the battalion was discovered, and scattered. Kriton jumped in just in time to save Aeton from the very sword of Aragones himself. For the first time, he mustered the strength to fully form his trident. He was beaten back by Aragones, but just at that moment, Triton the King came to confront the traitor. They had a mighty battle, but in the end, Aragones was beaten back, sorely wounded, both in body and pride, and retreated without a trace, his army surrendering.

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  1. Sarah-Katherine says:

    Wow! Sounds awesome!! I’ll be reading that!

    -Sarah Katherine ::: (\_(\ *: (=’ :’) :* •.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»

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