Vengeful Spirits, and an Unlikely Alliance

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recap: Yakamura is a modern millionaire samurai who fights the yakuza, who are led by Nisshoku Hiroto.  the Red Moon is a secret society of ninja, with unknown motives. A descendent of the Khan absorbed magical energy, becoming the Khan, intent on conquering Asia.

After Khan absorbed his ancestor’s magical energy, he unwittingly awakened a vengeful spirit that was intent on reclaiming the power the Khan stole. The spirit controlled the powers of the wind, and could fly through the air, as his magical armor didn’t weigh him down. He confronted Khan, and ignited a battle of magic that could be seen from miles around. Finally, Khan defeated the spirit, causing an explosive release of energy.

Khan recruited many for his army, among which was the Chinese assassin Xie, who fought with a poisoned chain-whip. Xie was sent to kill Nisshoku Hiroto, but was defeated.

In China, the main superhero was LeiChuang, who could issue bursts of lightning. He also sometimes fought Khan. In 2012, he trained a protégé, who had aerokinesis. This power may have been absorbed by the teen when the Wind Spirit had been defeated.

In 2012, a certain Red Moon assassin, by the name of Mai Jade was sent to kill Yakamura. She became his secretary to get close to him, and finally made her move. They had a battle, but Jade was betrayed by her reluctance to kill him. Ming used this to his advantage, and took her down. However, just then, the building was raided by Nisshoku samurai. Making a split-second decision, Mai helped fight them off. During a brief lapse in combat, one of the samurai saw her face, and shouted something to his comrades in alarm, who then made a full retreat. Afterward, Yakamura questioned her, but she would reveal nothing but that she was sent by the Red Moon.

After a few months of gaining his trust, Mai joined Yakamura in fighting the Yakuza, for  reasons of her own.

KhanKhan^Wind Spiritthe wind spirit^Mai JadeMai Jade^Mai JadeMai Jade incognito^

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One thought on “Vengeful Spirits, and an Unlikely Alliance

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey yo!
    It Sarah!

    I love you comics! There soooo good! (:
    Your drawings are amazing! I’m impressed!

    See you tonight at the talent show!


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