Samurai tales, and the Mongol Empire

We continue.

In Japan, in 2011, Yakamura Ming (family name, given name) was a millionaire entrepreneur descended from the samurai clan Yakamura. He was one of the main benefactors donating money and supplies to the relief efforts after the 2011 tsunami. The Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, was very fixed on racketeering and cheating money from the smaller businesses. Yakamura noticed this blight upon his city of Tokyo, and decided to take action against it. He donned a sort of neo-samurai armor and took up his samurai Daisho (two swords, short and long), and took to the streets, waging a private war against the Yakuza.

A Chinese archaeologist, Jen Khan was working on excavating the tomb of one of the Great Khans. Finally making headway into the Khan’s chamber, the small group was enveloped in white searing light. Khan finally recovered from the stun to find the cavern caved in, and his comrades burnt to a crisp. Suddenly, mystical winged armor built itself around him, and he felt the spirit of the Khan slipping into his mind. Then he felt realization that he had absorbed the Khan’s essence when the magical blast had discharged from the tomb. He then set off to reclaim all of Asia. Khan had become The Khan.

After WWII, the remaining samurai clans began to band together to form the Preserved Clans. They were led by the Nisshoku Clan. The Daimyo of the Nisshoku Clan dubbed himself the Shogun, and vowed to reclaim Japan. The grandson of the Shogun, Nisshoku Hiroto, became the Shogun after his father’s death in 2005, inheriting the family fortune. He built up a network of Yakuza operations, dubbing his Yakuza the Eclipse Syndicate. The Eclipse Syndicate, while criminals, shared a code of honor, per their general samurai descent. The distinguishing feature of the Yakuza is their full body tattoos, depicting symbols of their syndicate. Ironically, Nisshoku was another of the main benefactors helping after the tsunami in 2011. In early 2012, the Shogun received a message from the Khan, demanding that he swear fealty. The Shogun refused, preferring to rule the underworld and industry of Japan, rather than worshipping some barbarian Mongol. He then began to build weapons and small armies to combat the mystical power of the Khan, who had found it fairly easy to convert Chinese workers to his cause.

Yakamura Ming often found himself at odds with the Eclipse and the Nisshoku clan. He knew Nisshoku was behind the Eclipse Yakuza, but was unable to prove it, though no one might care, as the Yakuza were mostly accepted as part of Japan’s daily life.

One adversary that Nisshoku and Yakamura sometimes share is the Red Moon, which is a society of Ninja and other assassins. They operate in the shadows, and their base of operations is a complete mystery.

YakamuraYakamura^Yakamura armour 1Yakamura’s first armour^Yakamura armour 2Yakamura’s second armour^Jen KhanJen Khan^KhanKhan^

(images of the Shogun and Red Moon unavailable–coming next week)

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