the Guardian Alliance

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Recap: Lycanthropes  (Lie-CAN-throw-pees) can become full wolves at will. Werewolves become half-wolves under a full moon, losing control of themselves. Linus Joakim was a Swedish hunter of the arcane.

In 2007, Linus Joakim reemerged from his self-appointed solitude, and began recruiting younger heroes, to protect Europe from larger threats than they could handle individually. He began by recruiting the Czech golem who had helped him years before.

Valerianus Rema was an Italian Lycanthrope who was descended from Remus, brother of Romulus, whom Romulus had thought dead. Valerianus was the hero Lupo. He was among the first to be recruited by Linus.

Linus also recruited a bow-wielding Valkyrie by the name of Kára.

Inachos was an Atlantean Oceanide spellcaster from the Atlantean city of Dioneopolis, located in the Mediterranean Sea. He was recruited by Linus Joakim in 2007. Inachos’ specialty was hydromancy and magic.

Linus called his new group the Guardian Alliance, and took the codename “The Commodore”.

Hector Andreas was a non-powered hero who fought for justice in Greece, under the alias “Phourós”. His black molded cowl was shaped like an ancient Greek helm, and he had a retractable buckler on his right gauntlet, adorned with a Greek “Phi”. His cape also had gliding capabilities. Phourós was also recruited into the Guardian Alliance.

During a mission in Romania, the Guardian Alliance discovered that Lord Denever Kazhan was not dead, like Linus had thought. However, the Commodore was surprised when Kazhan expressed his understanding of the pointlessness of waging war on humans, and his willingness to help the Alliance protect Europe. Denever then became one of their most valuable assets, and used his inherited wealth to help the Guardian Alliance erect their mobile headquarters, a large, double-ballooned dirigible, the GAS Wyvern. However, Kazhan was not able to assist with the more hands-on operations because of his crippled left hand.

Also recruited were an Italian speedster, Destrier, and a psychic, Psyren, who is known for her psychic scream.

The Societatis Occulta Scientia sent a magus, Vivienne Bellefonte, to represent them in this new power.

the Commodorethe Commodore^PhrourosPhourós^Denever KazhanLord Denever Kazhan^LupeLupo^DestrierDestrier^GolemGolem^KaraKára^InachosInachos^SirenPsyren^

(Image of Vivienne Bellafonte unavailable)

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