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Vampires, Wolf-men, and Witch-hunts

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There are two types of Vampires: born vampires, and vampyrics. Born vampires are vampires by birth and are physically superior to humans, except for their blood deficiency and extreme sensitivity to heat. They have the ability to heal at a greatly accelerated rate. However, this is negated by the touch of silver. If a vampire feels the sun, they instantly burn to ashes, due to their blood deficiency. This deficiency also requires them to take blood from others. This is typically done by puncturing the victim’s skin with their fangs. Born vampires have the ability to magically transform into bats, and are commonly among the proud aristocracy.
Vampyrics are born as normal humans, but are infected with the vampyric disease through exchange of fluid with a vampire, mostly when the vampire is taking blood. Vampyrics share born vampires’ blood deficiency, as well as heat sensitivity, but cannot transform. A cure has not yet been devised, but there are medications to lessen the affects of Vampyrism on personality. Also, through the Societatis Occulta Scientia, vampires can apply for donated blood, to become more upstanding citizens, and to begin to be accepted.

Werewolves are commonly confused with Lycanthropes. Werewolves are diseased by other werewolves, and transform into half-wolves upon sight of a full moon. However, Lycanthropes are born, not made, and can transform into full wolves at will. They are mostly descended from the first Lycanthrope, the Greek Lycanthropes himself. Others are descendents of Romulus, founder of Rome. The race of Lycanthropes had become increasingly rare during the 1900’s, and was sighted in Italy, Greece, Hungary, Russia, and Canada. Neither werewolves nor Lycanthropes have any particular aversion to silver, as that is just a myth brought on by vampire traits.

Linus Joakim was a hero living in Sweden. He specialized in hunting the arcane and was chiefly characterized by his bronze armour covering his arms. The height of his career was in the 1980’s, during which he trained an apprentice, Sven Ragnar. During a hunt for a witch in Czechoslovakia, they encountered a fellow witch-hunter, a nameless golem of clay. With his help, they killed the witch, but at the cost of Sven’s life.
Linus later trained another apprentice, Sergei Kazimír. Kazimír was extremely talented, and learned quickly. He served with Joakim for ten years. In 1995, they hunted three evil Vampire lords in a castle in Romania. The three were Contessa Sotiria of Greece, Count Rafał Paszek of Poland, and the young Lord Denever Kazhan of Romania. Upon besieging the castle, Sergei let loose the first of his silver-tipped crossbow bolts into the heart of Count Rafał. The remaining two ran in different directions as Linus and Sergei gave chase. They had strategically struck near dawn, and as she ran, Contessa Sotiria was struck by the first rays of sun, which instantly burnt her to a pillar of dust. Linus had followed Lord Denever, as the last of the shadows in which the vampire lord hid were inexorably diminished, eaten by the rays of dawn. He was hounded to the edge of a crenellated wall, from where the Vampire lord had no safe path. Denever attempted to take Linus down, but was forced back. Suddenly, Linus threw the vampire off the edge of the precipice. Looking down, he saw Denever barely holding on by just his left hand. As he was about to pull himself up, a single ray of sunlight struck his hand, searing the flesh, and causing his grip to give way, and Lord Denever Kazhan fell to his doom.
In 1996, Linus and Sergei went on a mission to save a village from a giant werewolf. They tracked him down and confronted him, but he was much fiercer than they had anticipated. He lashed out at Linus, scarring his right eye, and incapacitating him. He then overpowered Sergei. Sergei managed to land a killing blow at long last, but he had been fatally wounded. Despite Linus’ best efforts to save him, Sergei died shortly after.


the Commodore

Linus Joakim^

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