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New Aesir, and Vanir

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A millennium ago, is the icy Norse lands, the Aesir ruled over the Vikings from the mystical realm of Asgard. However, they were called away, with other mighties of the Third Race, to combat a great cosmic evil that was approaching from another world. They left to go to war, but never came back. Asgard has been guarded by the Valkyrien, who dwell in Valhalla, for the past thousand years. In the absence of the Aesir, their enemies, the Vanir, grew and thrived, plotting conquest from Vangard, hidden between Midgard and Jotunheim. They allied themselves with the Jotuns, the troll Daemons of the Norse lands. While the Aesir had focused on magical power, the Vanir excelled in technological power, coupled with magic. They also allied themselves with the Dwarven smith Brokkr, who forged for them much of their technology, as well as some magical items.
A millennium after the disappearance of the Aesir, their magic began to manifest itself again. When the Aesir were young, Baldr, god of light, was killed. His power was transferred, in the twenty-first century, to a certain Norwegian young man, who became the reborn Baldr. He emanated light constantly, and could control blinding flashes. He also received partial invulnerability. His light also boosts the powers of any energy-based nearby metahumans.
Aside from Jotuns, the Norse Daemons include gargoyles, who have great bat-like wings, and turn to stone during the day. A certain gargoyle, Gundhamar by name, also inherited some of the Aesir’s power. He was mystically granted the magical thunder-hammer, Donar, which paid homage to Thor’s Mjolnir. He also obtained storm-magic, as well as a magic girdle and magical gauntlets. He became the hero/protector of Norway.
A certain Swedish Olympic archer also gained some power. He was met by a cloaked traveler one day, who gave him a magical quiver, which can never be emptied of magic arrows. Incidentally, the same stranger gave Gundhamar his magical items. This young archer became the hero Helmgaïs. He joined up with Baldr and Gundhamar, forming the New Aesir. They were soon joined by a Valkyrie warrior by the name of Alfrith, who wields a mace and rides a flying horse.

The Vanir base in Vangard is very militaristic, and is prepared to hold out against heavy siege. To get from Vangard to Midgard, a Vanir plane is inserted into a specially prepared vertical shaft dug into a mountain, and the plane is then launched out of a geyser in Midgard. One of the Vanir’s secondary bases is in Iceland.
The dwarf Brokkr is the chief technomancer for the Vanir. For their greatest warrior, Kaun, he forged a magical ember war ax, that burns whatever the blade touches. For the female warrior Grimhildr, he forged twin magical pistols. He also forged a champion from one of their warriors. This massive warrior, Wotan, was a whole head taller than most men, and possessed Gauntlets of Power, a Girdle of Fortitude, and a Helm of Relentlessness. He could vanquish nearly any opponent, as was proved during an encounter with the New Aesir. Only Gundhamar was finally able to defeat Wotan. Wotan rode a magical 9-foot tall Battle Boar that can travel along multiple planes of existence.

In 2011, the New Aesir infiltrated a Vanir base. However, they found themselves trapped by Grimhildr, unable to get out. They eventually escaped with the help of a young Vanir warrior-in-training, Jill Maeva, who helped them steal a Vanir plane. She then joined the New Aesir. However, shortly after, she was killed by the Vanir in swift revenge. Later, though, the New Aesir discovered that Jill had been reborn as a Valkyrie in Valhalla, and was growing and learning at an accelerated rate. She was later sent to the Institute of Metahuman Studies, the magical accelerated growth having stopped at adolescence.







Jill MaevaJill Maeva^




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