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Libra revisited, Duke, and Punch

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Recap: the Mime is a masked vigilante in NYC. Libra was another vigilante, but he killed criminals for hate. During a confrontation, he panicked and shot himself. It turned out he was Judge McAlister, not the police officer Val “Oliver” Karlsen, who had been the prime suspect.

In the year 2012, the Mime discovered that the vigilante, Libra, had reemerged, when he should have been dead, and by all accounts was indeed dead. Libra was once again killing any criminals he could find. The Mime attempted to track him down, but Libra eluded him.
After 2 other murders, Libra was finally cornered by the Mime. There was an intense scrap, but the Mime ultimately came out on top.
Libra was turned over to the police, who were surprised to discover that he was Val “Oliver” Karlsen. Karlsen later revealed that he had been Libra all along and, the previous year, he had coerced Judge McAlister, whom he had known in Ohio, into assisting in his “crusade against crime”. McAlister had not had Karlsen’s resolve, and panicked in the original confrontation, committing suicide. Karlsen was spared the death sentence by insanity, and was instead sent to Haakon Penitentiary for life.

In 2010, Quinn Hammer invented special ultra-thin masks that were almost indistinguishable from flesh, and that were attached by microscopic nanites, so only the wearer could remove them. These masks were provided to the Invisible Man, for blending in as a normal civilian, and were also bought by Terry Holloway, who was secretly the Mime.

In the year 2011, New York City was plagued by the notorious Shades gang, led by Zander Cain. While investigating them, the Mime encountered one of the younger recruits, a 17-year-old boy, who wore a half-face hockey mask. He was easily disarmed, but quickly expressed his unease with the gang’s actions and revealed his name, Jesse Todd. He eventually helped the Mime locate the Shades’ base. However, most of the gang was out on a raid of another gang’s base, in an abandoned apartment building. The duo went their, but arrived just as the bomb the Shades had planted exploded, killing Zander Cain. Todd later became the Mime’s sidekick, Punch.
In 2010, the New York hockey player Mal Reeves was fired for excessive violence in the game. He went out for revenge, and became the assassin/mercenary Duke, wielding a hockey stick, which hid a secret blade. He wore paramilitary armour and a metal hockey mask. He had many run-ins with the Mime, always getting away. In 2011, he took control of the Shades gang after the death of Zander Cain. However, some of the gang were loyal to Zander’s daughter, Callie Cain, and the gang split, Cain’s loyalists following her to Astropolis, TX. Duke became the powerful archenemy of the Mime.





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