Mime, and Scales of Justice

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We continue…

In 2010, Terence “Terry” Holloway was a 21-year-old actor who was well-known and loved. While filming in Lyons, France, Holloway was playing the part of a mime in the movie-in-progress “Words of Silence”. After filming a scene, Terry decided to take a walk down the street in Lyons, still in full mime costume. As he passed an alley, he witnessed a couple being mugged at gunpoint. Appalled, he remembered his practiced stage-combat, which, while clumsy in actual conflict, allowed him to incapacitate the perpetrator. Holloway decided that he loved the feeling of having helped the innocent victims and, back in his hometown of New York, began breaking up increasingly large crimes, all in his inspired guise of a mime. The Mime became quite the hero, hardly ever saying a word, also becoming a master of disguise.

In 2011, Neil McAlister, a judge from Ohio, came to NYC. He was known for his barely restrained hatred for criminals, and his harsh verdicts for them. Soon after his arrival, a new masked vigilante began his appearances. However, unlike the Mime, he ruthlessly killed any criminal he found. He called himself Libra, saying he was the “scales of justice”.

In a certain trial being presided over by Judge McAlister, an arsonist was being tried. After sentencing him to 5 years and a fine of $30,000, the Judge was still privately unsatisfied with the punishment. He mentioned this offhand to police officer “Oliver”, who was standing by.

Later, a certain police officer, by the name of Val Karlsen, was taking in a robber, when he briefly lost control and started pistol-whipping the felon several times. He was soon calmed by his compatriots.

Soon after, Libra attacked again, killing both the robber and the arsonist in their prison cells. Doing some reconnaissance, the Mime found that Judge McAlister was not in his home at the time of the murders.

The police commissioner sent Officer Val Karlsen on a mission to track down Libra. Karlsen had taken the nickname Oliver, after his father, who had been a police officer in Ohio. Though his team searched high and low, they could find no trace of Libra.

Then one night, Libra was sighted after killing a mugger, and was followed by the Mime and much of the NYPD, who had brought in helicopters. He was tracked to a rooftop, where he was surrounded. But, rather than be caught, he took his pistol and shot himself.

Searching the body, they found that Libra was, in fact, Neil McAlister. The case of the vigilante Libra was closed.

[please excuse the hazy sketch]

the Mime                                                                   the Mime^

(Libra image unavailable. He wears black body armor with a pullover mask and a gold Libra symbol on his chest.)

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