Tales on the banks of the Nile

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In Ancient Egypt, the gods used human hosts as their proxies in the Physical Plane. In modern times, they are doing so again. The goddess Isis used the human Ayah Hatem as her avatar. Isis moved to America and joined the Silver Guard. She can fly, and control limited magic.
When Egypt was young, for a short time the god Aton was in power. However, he was overthrown, and Ra took power again. In 2011, Aton possessed the magus Amr Hassan, becoming a powerful hero.
The Archmagus of Northern Africa is Uraeus, who followed the ways of the ancient Egyptian priests. He was evil and power-hungry, and frequently attempted to stop Horace Hawthorn from discovering magical artifacts, though he was always thwarted by Aton. Uraeus’ staff is shaped in the form of a golden winged asp with ruby eyes. With this, he could hypnotize weaker victims. In 2012, he enlisted the help of the god Anubis, who had found a human host, to eventually overthrow the Supreme Archmagus. Anubis summoned his children, spirits known as the Anubites, who, like their father, can find a host in both the living and the dead. Chief among them was the spirit Nubhit, who possessed Hawthorn’s chief archaeological assistant. Uraeus and Anubis attempted to resurrect the god Set in the stolen body of Tutankhamen. Osiris, god of the dead, possessed a swarm of locusts and stopped the rebirth of Set. However, Uraeus managed to banish Osiris from the Physical Plane long enough to bring back Set. Together, the trio began to reclaim ancient magical sites, beginning with Memphis and Giza.
They met resistance, however, in Heliopolis, when Aton and
Nebu Maa (Solar Flare) attempted to stop them. They failed, but then began to pool their strength, making Nebu Maa a temporary avatar for Osiris. Osiris banished Set once again, destroying Tutankhamen’s body. He then released Nebu Maa from his control.
Uraeus was brought before the High Council of Magi for trial. Refusing to be judged, he cast his staff at the Supreme Archmagus, turning it into a winged asp. The Supreme, however, was not unprepared. He cast his own staff, turning it into a cobra, which bit the asp, making Uraeus’ staff clatter to the floor, broken in twain. But just at that moment, Anubis caught the Council unawares, teleporting Uraeus out, and back into their desert base. Uraeus was about to thank Anubis, when the Anubites closed in and tore Uraeus apart for his miserable failure.
Aton then became the Archmagus of Northern Africa.

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