Tomorrow, Oersted, Mirage, and Laser

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In the year 3000, a disaster occurred which destroyed the population of Earth. A group of scientists learned that it was set in motion almost a thousand years previously.

They fashioned a time-machine, which would take the traveler back to the year 2004, but could not return him. They also fashioned a power battery, which could give special powers to one recipient. However, inter-dimensional friction was required to activate these abilities, so the recipient must travel back in time first. One brave scientist, Leo Tracy, volunteered for this one-way journey.
Upon arriving in 2004, he discovered his new powers. He could create sonar-powered spherical force-fields around himself and other things, as well as fly. However, his memory had been damaged in the time-jump, and he could not remember what it was he had been sent to prevent. Despite this, he took up crime-fighting in Akron, Ohio, taking on the name Tomorrow Man. Tomorrow Man must recharge with the power battery every forty-eight hours or so to maintain his abilities.

Michael Hill was a scientist working for Macbeth Industries in Findlay, OH who was obsessed with magnetism. He was convinced that “magneto-therapy”, as he called it, was the key to pique physical condition. He designed a suit that allowed him to manipulate magnetic waves with his mind. He also daily exposed himself to high magnetism to stay healthy. However, this began to have psychological results that slowly drove him mad.
Later, the Findlay bank was robbed of its entire main vault by a man who could apparently control magnetism. Hill began his career of villainy, taking the name Dr Oersted. He was briefly apprehended by Tomorrow Man, but magnetism seemed to be the weakness Tomorrow’s force fields, and so Dr Oersted escaped. On the run, Hill began to develop bipolar disorder, sometimes becoming serious, depressed and homicidal, and then jumping right to manic fits of laughter.

Inez Garcia was a hero with the ability to teleport and create powerful illusions. She worked under the alias “Mirage”. After fighting crime in Spain, she came to America, just in time to assist Tomorrow Man in finally capturing Dr Oersted.

Virgil “Laser” Carter was a hero with the gift of super speed. He was known for defeating his foes using vibro-intangibility, which rendered all weapons useless, as they just went through him. However, his arch nemesis invented a laser gun that could counteract this. In their next encounter, he tested the weapon. It worked. While vibrating at super speed, the Laser was shot, in more ways than one, there was a bright flash of red light, and Laser disappeared. He was not heard from again until 2005, when he reappeared as a living bolt of laser. His body was composed entirely of red light, which granted him flight and light-speed travel. He could compress his body at high speeds to about an inch. After appearing, he wasted no time enacting his revenge on his former arch foe, who was found dead with a cauterized hole through his head. Laser was later apprehended by Tomorrow Man. A containment suit was fashioned for this new villain, who was put in a high-security prison. To prevent Laser from dissipating, as he had done after his transformation, Chao-Tech created a flexible, tight-fitting, metal suit to contain him, while allowing him flight, as well as laser projection.

Tomorrow ManTomorrow Man^




Laser in laser form^LASERLaser in armour^


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