Turning Axis, Solar Flare, and the Looney Bin

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In the year 1939, the Axis created a secret organization that would eventually control all other organizations without their knowing, calling it the Turning Axis. However, this required a method by which superheroes could be controlled, or, if need be, taken down.

Dominik Kruscher was a German geneticist working on creating super-soldiers for the Nazis. He had a batch of the clones ready near the end of the war, but the whole plan became endangered, so the clones were shipped into Russia, toward a secret Axis base. However, the truck was sabotaged, and the shipment never heard from again. Years after the war ended in favor of the Allies, Kruscher trained a successor, Helmut Scharrer, who would eventually surpass his teacher.
In 1999, the secret organization created Chao-Tech, a public front for their weapons manufacturing. They also created a sub-organization, known as the Legitimates, who sought to secretly control all significant business in America, both legal and otherwise. They were tricked into believing that their leader, Rupert Frost, was the founder of the organization, but, really, he was just a puppet. The original members are Rupert Frost; Boombug, the assassin who wears a fire-launching suit; Coda, the obsidian-masked second-in-command; and Zander Cain, the leader of a street gang, the Shades. In 2010, a huge deal went wrong, causing the Legitimates to mutiny. Boombug was the one to kill Frost, but Cain forced his way in as leader. When Zander was killed in a gang raid, his daughter, Callie Cain, took his place, but Coda became leader. Two newly-recruited Legitimates, Vigilance and The Martial, decided to kill her in order to gain power. They succeeded, though Callie Cain became leader again, being backed up by Boombug.

Horace Hawthorn was a British archaeologist obsessed with finding magical items from ancient Egypt. He invented a device to detect magic, its proximity, and its strength: the Magiometre. The small Magiometre can be carried like a watch, and read like a compass, while the complete Magiometre takes the space of an old radio. While searching a newly-discovered temple beneath the Sphinx of Giza, he found a medallion-sized sun-disk. When he touched it, a blinding light emanated from it, and he found himself falling onto the sand in front of the Great Sphinx. When he went to the place where the temple had been, it was gone, as if it was never there. Thinking he was hallucinating, he took the week off. He then discovered that he had been magically imbued with the powers of the god Horus, and could use the sun-disk, which he had found hung around his neck, to summon these powers. He now had super strength, as well as super-sonic flight, as well as the ability to shoot a burning sun-beam from the disk mounted on his chest to damage, or to hold back, as a flood. He also gained the Eyes of Horus. So he could now see, with his right eye, all seen by the sun, and with his left, all seen by the moon. He took to global crimefighting, adopting the title Nebu Maa, though he is known to the world as Solar Flare.

In early 2012, a group of illegal sorcerers attempted to enslave the spirit Verndari. However, Verndari summoned the brave policeman Marcus Reid, making him the champion Ander, and thwarted the sorcerers’ plan. But the leader of the sorcerers, whose name is unknown, was unsatisfied, and attempted once more to make himself the avatar for a powerful spirit. He overestimated his own strength, however. He was overpowered by the spirit Razurnuvač, who took over his body. Razurnuvač then began to hunt Ander, and whenever Razurnuvač was magically imprisoned, he would eventually resurface again. He controls a violent black energy, and is so unrestrained that his body cannot fully contain him, so his legs phase in and out of the physical plane, being replaced by black lightning.

In 2013, the EDI (Elite Defense Initiative) and the UN, with the initiative of philanthropist Mace Haakon, created the Haakon Penitentiary to house dangerous super villains. It is a heavily fortified manmade island in the American Pacific Ocean. The guards are directly and exclusively from the ranks of the EDI, and the warden is the EDI Colonel Forge, who is known for his cold temper and his robotic right arm. The super villains’ powers are neutralized by collars designed specially for each. The collars also administer disciplinary shocks at the press of a button by the guards or the warden.

Nebu Maa (Solar Flare)                                                   Nebu Maa (Solar Flare)^

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