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AOL, and Guards of Silver

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In the year 1937, a group of superheroes known as the Alliance of Liberty got together in preparation to defend freedom in the coming conflict. These included Dynamo, who was invulnerable and super-strong; Silver Falcon (1st), an ace pilot; Fantom, who can become intangible; and Seeker, a ninja-esque, black-cloaked gadgeteer. They assisted the Allies in the Second World War, and, with the help of Wolfgang Krueger, a spy high in the German ranks, defeated the Axis, but at great cost. Dynamo finally found a blast he couldn’t survive when he rushed to stop the tragedy at Hiroshima, but too late.
In 1979, another unnamed group of superheroes emerged in Chicago, IL: Dr Silence, an arcane detective; Invisible Man, a permanently invisible scientist; Headless Horseman, a ghost who patrols and acts as a watchman; and the Silver Guardian, a non-powered, armoured fighter for freedom. The Guardian was much beloved for his courage and selflessness, especially because he had no powers, yet he fought alongside those who did. He represented truth and justice, becoming America’s most revered hero of his day.
In 1985, the Alliance of Liberty faced the near-indomitable foe, the Leach, a giant slimy blob-creature who sucks superpowers, leaving the victims weak, sometimes dead. By this time, Fantom had gone back to Mother Russia, and the Alliance had called in more super-powered heroes to help fight Leach. They also called in the Silver Guardian and his group. They faired badly, Leach weakening and incapacitating most of the powered heroes, and killing several. Seeker then had an idea for destroying Leach, and constructed the device from his field supplies. However, because of his medical expertise, he was needed to assist Dr Silence with attending the wounded. Silver Guardian volunteered to use the device, as no one with powers could get close enough. He took the device, and began tearing through Leach’s giant flank, which had swelled ten times over with power. The Guardian then jumped through the hole he had made, which was already healing fast. He swam through Leach’s fluidous innards toward the heart, then activated the device. He was coming back, when the device detonated, almost instantly destroying Leach in a flash of light, and killing Silver Guardian. They buried his body under a memorial shrine, which they erected for him in Chicago. His group soon gathered more heroes who were drawn by homage to the Guardian’s valiant sacrifice. The group named themselves the Silver Guard, in honor of him.
The remnants of the Alliance of Liberty eventually died, also, leaving only shrines as a memory of them.
The Silver Guard built the Hall of Truth as their headquarters in Chicago. In the year 2000, the Silver Guard began receiving funding from a millionaire entrepreneur, Quinn Hammer. He is a strategic genius, and is the brains behind much of the Guard’s operations. He enjoys chess, and is a brainy engineer, having designed ingenious flying spherical probes known as “Snitches”. An accident in1986 had cost Hammer his sight, but he had only forced himself to become even smarter, to cope. He built himself a robotic seeing-eye dog, K-9, who has very complex programming. His secretary, codenamed Nexus, is the information processor for the Silver Guard. Her job as such is to receive distress calls, and information on current and imminent disasters, and sort through them at high speed.

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