EDI, IMS, Gila, and Brainchild

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Anyway, we continue…

The Elite Defense Initiative (EDI) is a secret armed service founded by the United Nations, to protect the UN countries from major threats they could not handle alone.

For the most part, the EDI operates independently. They are based on their massive city-like airship, Interception, held 30,000 feet above the ground by 4 massive turbine engines, and an antigrav dome. Their leader is Colonel Vogel, formerly a Navy SEAL. In the Astropolis Police Department, there are two officers who are undercover EDI agents, keeping an eye on Astropolis.

They are Detective Jean-Mal Grey, and bomb-squad Major Brod. The EDI has an elite team of commando pilots. They are codenamed Knightowl, Silver Falcon (2nd), and Phoenix. They are each clad in armor reminiscent of their respective patron bird. In 2009, they began the “Nexus Project”, an operation combining the strengths of man and machine. Stage one involved power-suits, which were provided by Macbeth Enterprises. Stage Two consisted of using cybernetic and robotic replacements for human body-parts. They accomplished this, as well, with the help of Chao-Tech.

In the year 2013, the Society of Heroes established the Institute of Metahuman Studies (IMS), where metahumans (“gifted youngsters”) can go to learn about their abilities, and to teach them to use them for good. IMS also welcomes science students who wish to learn more about metahumans, and public relations with them. IMS is located in Hawaii, which deters those who would simply join on a whim, as well as those who would seek to hurt young heroes.

Born without a name, Thanijel Kiev was a Nazi clone superhuman bred for army service. A truckload of other clone babies like him were being carted through Russia when the truck was sabotaged. The explosion spared only him. He was found by a loving Russian family, who took him in: the Kiev’s. His abilities were discovered when Thanijel (as the Kiev’s had named him), at age 12, was in a bicycle accident (he had been riding superhumanly fast). His injuries healed in less than a week, where others said they never would. He discovered then his enhanced healing factor. Later in life he was discovered and recruited by the Elite Defense Initiative’s Colonel Wolfgang Krueger, being code-named “Gilaman”. During a mission in 1975, while searching for a terrorist by the name of Baron Von Sturm, Gilaman was fatally wounded. His power barely kept him alive, but it was only a temporary solution. Being brought to the last options, the EDI put Kiev into cryo-stasis.

In 1995, Baron Von Sturm once again became bold. The EDI couldn’t challenge him. Then Colonel Vogel, who had taken over after Krueger’s death, decided it was time to once again open “Project Gila”. Kiev was revived from cryo-stasis, and helped close down Von Sturm’s operations once again.

During a mission in Austria, he met a woman by the name of Mellisa Curry and they fell in love, but he was called away on a long-term mission, never to see her again. Mel Curry is the son of Thanijel Kiev (a.k.a. Gilaman) and Mellisa Curry. Being left with a child she could not raise, Mellisa Curry gave Mel to the local orphanage, where he would live for the next 14 years of his life. In the year 2013, Thanijel discovered the 14-year-old Mel in Vienna, having not known about his existence. Their joy was short lived, however. An attack was made on Mel, which was intended for Kiev, costing him most of his body. Mel’s brain managed to survive in a comatose state, due to his inherited healing factor, and was revived later, in a robotic body, both to give him a chance at life, and to test stage 3 of the “Nexus Project”. He now attends the Institute of Metahuman Studies with a scholarship from the Society of Heroes, so that he can fight crime alongside his father and fellow heroes.

[side note: i think i will have the Kiev couple be killed by the USSR under Stalin, making a sufficient and reasonable tragedy to start Gilaman on his heroic journey.]

(these images are just concept, so aren’t what the finished thing will look like)

Dt. Jean-Mel Grey^

Mel Curry aka. Brainchild^

Thanijel Kiev aka. Gilaman^

[images of Knightowl, Silver Falcon, and Phoenix to come]

(images made in HM3)

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