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Recap: The Societatis Occulta Scientia is a secret society and government of magicians that has existed for thousands of years. This society governs all magic users on Earth, and is ruled by a council of Magi and a Supreme Archmagus.

One of the first to join the Society of Heroes was a Mage sent by the Societatis Occulta Scientia to act as a representative within the Society, Amethysta Metaxas.

The Societatis Occulta Scientia has many secrets that must remain hidden from the outside world. To defend these, there are specially appointed Knowledge Keepers. One of the foremost modern Knowledge Keepers is known only as Black Knight. He wears an Ulster coat and a fedora. He wields a Fulmina VII gun more than he wields his magic. A Fulmina is a small, high-powered handheld revolver that shoots bolts of mystical energy. It is effective against demi-immortals.

There are three archetype races on Earth: Humans, Daemons, and the Third Race. Spirits are not included. Daemons are not fiery spirits, nor are they inherently evil. They are classified as Demi-Immortals, meaning they cannot die unless killed, which does not happen easily. They have dark skin, for the most part varying from reds to black, but not brown. Their skin is sometimes very pale, though rarely. Daemons are stronger and stockier than humans, and are often the mistreated anchors of others’ magic. The Third Race, also known as Fae, or Fair Folk, is also Demi-Immortal. They are generally taller than humans, and stronger, as well as naturally beautiful. The Aesir are those of the Third Race that have the cold North as their domain, as well as the mystical island of Asgard and its magical rainbow bridge, Bifrost. There are also the Vanir, who vie with the Aesir for power. Their domain is thought to be Vangard, a kingdom of unknown location. In the realm of Britain and parts of Europe, are Oberon’s Children, who dwell much in Oberon’s domain, Avalon. They include the Wyrd Sisters, as well as the trickster Puck and Niviane, the Lady of the Lake. Morrigan LeFae is half Fae; her other half is human of the Pendragon family. The Fair Folk are the most inherently magical of the three races, and can shift their form on a whim. However, the Aesir and Vanir seem to have an impediment of unknown reason, barring this ability from them, except by external means, such as a Falcon Cloak.

Spirits are full immortal, and cannot die, only be banished or trapped. Jinn, or Djinn, are examples. They are commonly magically trapped in objects such as lamps, for the use of their power by Sorcerers. They can be freed through trickery, or by sheer magic. When killed, they go back to the Spirit World (also called the Other Place or Dream Time), to await magical summons. Spirits also sometimes favor avatars, or bodily hosts. The spirit Verndari is one, as are the Egyptian Gods. They are sent back to the Other Place when their hosts die, unless they had anchored themselves to a secondary host.

Puck is the offspring of Loki of the Aesir with one of Oberon’s daughters. He is the shape shifting trickster who enjoys merry pranks. Two of his more notable guises are Reynard the Fox, and Puss in boots. He is currently under the guise of the hero Spring-Heeled Jack in England.



Reynard the Fox

Puck as Reynard the Fox

Puss in Boots

Puck as Puss in Boots

please forgive the badly scanned sketch.


Amethysta Metaxas

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