SOH, Alastair, and Throes of death

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we continue.

Recap: Ander is the super-strong, lightning-wielding hero who is empowered by a spirit. Kriton is an Atlantean prince. Dr Frost is a scientist dude in an insulated armor-suit, and ice-guns.  Jet has super speed. Pulse controls electricity. Eoin (pronounced “Owen”) Macbeth is the Scottish millionaire descendent of the 15th-century Macbeth. Morrigan LeFae is the unaging witch who dabbles in the destinies of heroes and villains alike, even through medieval times.

Eoin Macbeth’s Macbeth Industries had taken him to Astropolis, Texas, which became his home and headquarters. The billionaire had taken an interest in Ander, Dr. Frost, Kriton, Jet, and Pulse. He invited them to a meeting, where he proposed creating a Macbeth-funded Society of Heroes and offering jobs to heroes whose occupations could not support their crimefighting, including Dr. Frost. This proposition soon came to fruition, and Ander became the leader of Macbeth’s new society. It was not long before the Society of Heroes attracted more of its own.

Two generations before Macbeth industries began, there was a Macbeth boy named Alastair. He had been orphaned at an early age, and despised his cruel foster parents. He ran away, and was taken in by an outcast sorcerer, who taught him his craft. Over several years, he surpassed his master in the dark arts, becoming a force to be reckoned with. When he grew weary of his master’s weakness, he killed him in the night. Alastair grew in power, and devised a method of sorcery which would allow him to live indefinitely. His power was discovered by Morrigan LeFae, who took an interest in him. They practiced dark sorcery together, perfecting one another’s power. Eventually, they had a single child, Sean. They had no desire for him, so they left him at an orphanage in Scotland.

Sean grew up and got married, and had a child, Eoin. Eoin was very bright, and thought of many clever fantasies, such as leading a valiant group of noble demigods (this would eventually come true, after a fashion). He eventually rediscovered the Macbeth fortune, and used it to start an industry which would soon boom and take him to America.

After Macbeth’s death, King Canmore began a long reign, and his line grew long, even after leaving the royalty. Charles Canmore, Canmore’s modern descendent, was a rich, bored young man, who became an assassin for his own entertainment. He specialized in swordplay, though he also used guns. He called himself “Throe”, becoming one of the world’s foremost assassins.

once again, please excuse the sketches.

Alastair Macbeth

Morrigan LeFae

Morrigan LeFae



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