Medieval History

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Arthur Pendragon was a fifth-century king of the legendary kingdom of Camelot. He was known for his nobility and bravery.

Arthur’s advisor was the famous and powerful magus, Merlin. Morrigan LeFae was supposedly the half-sister of Arthur, and looked to be around the same age, but in reality she was much older than he. Morrigan was a powerful witch, and was also known to the Celts as a witch-goddess. She was Arthur’s main nemesis. Soon after first becoming king, Arthur was granted the magical sword Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake, the steward of the mystical island of Avalon. While Excalibur causes its bearer to be near-indomitable, its sheath protects the wearer from physical injury. Arthur took the princess Guinevere for a bride. Arthur later had an illegitimate son, Mordred, with his other half-sister, Morgause. Lancelot was Arthur’s prized knight, a handsome, but vain, combatant who truly stole the heart of Queen Guinevere. Later, Morrigan tricked Arthur, making him vulnerable to physical injury. Mordred then led an uprising, and killed Arthur. Merlin was Supreme Archmagus of the Societatis Occulta Scientia for approximately half a century after the death of Arthur, before he left for Avalon with Niviane, the Lady of the Lake.

Vlad the Impaler was a fifteenth-century Romanian king who was rumored to be a vampire, because of his cruel, gory methods of punishment. Unknown to most, Morrigan LeFae took an interest in Vlad’s workings, becoming his bride, of sorts. Vlad was a fairly powerful sorcerer, who was caught using illegal magic in Bulgaria. With the help of Morrigan LeFae, he was able to escape the judgment of the High Council of Magi, and fled to a hidden castle in Romania.

Macbeth was a seventeenth-century Scottish warrior whose secret advisor was the magus Orion. Their relationship was comparable to that between Arthur and Merlin. Years earlier, Macbeth’s father, Findlaech, High Steward of Moray, was killed before Macbeth’s eyes by an assassin who would later be exposed as the noble, Gillecomgain. King Duncan had given the stewardship of Moray to Gillecomgain. When Macbeth was grown, he was haunted by the fortune-telling Wyrd Sisters (also, “Weird Sisters”) who foretold his eventual rise to kinghood. The Wyrd Sisters (Luna, Phoebe, & Selene) were three witches under the direction of Morrigan LeFae, who had taken an interest in Macbeth’s fate. King Duncan revealed to Macbeth that Gillecomgain had killed Findlaech, hoping that Macbeth would attack, and be killed by, Gillecomgain. However, Macbeth killed Gillecomgain, becoming steward of Moray, and taking Gillecomgain’s young wife, Gruoch, whom Macbeth had loved from the start. During his battle with Gillecomgain, he had learned that Duncan had ordered Findlaech’s death, seeing him as a possible future supporter of Macbeth, who could then become king, but without that support, would not. Macbeth then killed Duncan as well, becoming king of Scotland. Duncan’s son Canmore then went to England with his remaining followers. After many happy years as King, with his wife, Gruoch, Macbeth became uneasy. Orion had become suspicious of the Wyrd Sisters. They had prophesied to Canmore, in England, which led him to invade Scotland, going straight for Macbeth. Macbeth was killed, along with his entire court. However, his son, Lulach, secretly escaped, to go into hiding with his mother. He secretly continued the Macbeth line, and the family, over the centuries acquired great wealth. When the time was right, they slowly began to emerge from hiding.

In the final battle, Orion had confronted the Wyrd Sisters, beginning a legendary magical duel. Morrigan LeFae intervened, causing a release of energy that found Orion transported to the twenty-first century, straight to Macbeth’s modern descendent, Eoin (pronounced “Owen”) Macbeth. He had begun a technological corporation that had become Chao-Tech’s rival. Orion became Eoin Macbeth’s personal assistant and secretary, taking the alias “Ambrose O’Ryan”.

Orion presented himself to the High Council of Magi, but they refused to believe he was the magus Orion who had disappeared 500 years earlier. Believing him to be an imposter, they denied him access to the magical realm.

Eoin Macbeth

Eoin Macbeth



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