Jet and Pulse

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The story continues…

(please forgive the uncoloured sketches)

Jim London was a British master thief who had the gift of super-speed. He came to America to steal a prize diamond on display in NY. After stealing it, he was caught by Ander, Dr Frost, and Kriton in Astropolis, having run half-way across the country with the diamond. When the trio of heroes learned London was only a thief for the excitement he experienced, they convinced him to become a crime-fighting hero instead. He agreed, and anonymously returned the diamond. He then joined the group of heroes as Jet.



Anthony “Tony” Chavez was a normal Joe living in Santa Rosa, Texas, who worked at his neighborhood corner store. While he was heating bagels one day, he accidentally touched the electrical outlet, receiving a shock that would have incapacitated anyone else, but he discovered then the results of what he would later learn is a genetic mutation. This mutation caused him to develop Arc-Cells, which spread through his bloodstream, and absorbed whatever shock he received and storing it. It then is released at will from the fingers, as Tony discovered when he accidentally shocked his co-worker, sending him to the hospital. Chavez was fired from his corner store job, eventually learning to control his power. One day, he was walking home to his apartment, when he saw, in an alley, a woman being mugged. He intervened, grabbing the offender’s gun and shocking him, as if with a taser. One solid punch incapacitated him. From this time on, Tony became a small-time crime fighter, eventually joining Ander, Dr Frost, and Kriton, and taking the code-name Pulse.

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