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We continue our story…

Atlantis is the undersea empire of the Atlantic, made up of Oceanides (descendants of Oceanus), and Tritons (descendants of Poseidon). Their ruler is Triton III, great-great-grandson of Poseidon.

Kriton, the prince of Atlantis, and son of Triton III, was sent to the surface-world to facilitate communications with the United Nations, in New York, shortly after the (unrelated) emergence of Ander. Upon emerging from NY harbor, he was kidnapped by agents of Chao-Tech. They brought him to their HQ in Astropolis, to study him.

Ander and Dr. Frost had been investigating some leads on Chao-Tech, when they found a secret lab, wherein lay the two-story spherical fish tank in which Kriton was imprisoned. They released him and assisted him in traveling to the UN in New York. After officially introducing Atlantis to the UN and installing his cousin Aeton as the Atlantean ambassador, Kriton joined with Ander and Dr. Frost.

Atlanteans commonly use magic, focused by their tattoos. Kriton wields two solid bronze batons, which grow into a trident when put end-to end. Only Kriton, with the proper magic and willpower can accomplish this.




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