(This is like a series of character summaries compiled into a large story. Just read along and bear with me. If any questions rise up within you while reading, please leave a comment below, and trust it will be in a later entry.)

The Societatis Occulta Scientia is a secret society and government of magicians that has existed for thousands of years. This society governs all magic users on Earth, and is ruled by a council of Magi and a Supreme Archmagus.

In the year 2012, a group of illegal sorcerers began an arcane ritual, attempting to imbue their master with a powerful spirit, Verndari, trapping Verndari, because he was a Spirit of Order, as well as empowering their master. However, they underestimated Verndari’s power. He began to psychically search the nearby city of Astropolis, Texas, for the most noble and brave. An Astropolis police officer by the name of Marcus Alexander Reid was making his rounds, when suddenly, he was enveloped in green lightning, and found himself within a pentacle, wherein also was the occultists’ master. As the sorcerers began moving to apprehend Reid, the police officer was enveloped in a pillar of light, and Verndari took control of his body, making him Verndari’s permanent avatar. He unleashed lightning on the sorcerers and flew out of their lair, and back to Astropolis.

The spirit Verndari dwelt dormant within Marcus, who, when calling upon Verndari’s power, becomes the self-christened Ander. The less he controlled his emotions, the more Verndari controlled him. Over time their personalities and minds began to meld. Reid used his power as Ander to secretly assist his police work and crime-fighting, slowly taking on the role of a vigilante.




(first image made on Gimp, with a borrowed pose; second made in heromachine by the amazing AMS)

Remember to tune in next week!


3 thoughts on “Ander

  1. TJ says:

    Hey Ephraim I checked out this blog page today and thought it was petty awesome, I like your style. I understand that Ander is half spirit of order and half police man, seems legit but I think you should try to include more graphics on the sorcerers their master and Verndari

    • well, TJ (and i would prefer my name not be used), these pix just arent quick to make. for the sorcerers, just picture tattooed baldies in robes. as for verndari, you cant draw what you cant see.

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